Sidecar Motocross: Kaurit/Jakk are going for the title

The growing confidence allows Are Kaurit and Jurgen Jakk to announce for the first time that they are going for the sidecarcross world title, writes the Estonian newspaper Postimees, They are very pleased with the results gained...

The growing confidence allows Are Kaurit and Jurgen Jakk to announce for the first time that they are going for the sidecarcross world title, writes the Estonian newspaper Postimees,

They are very pleased with the results gained in the opening round of the world championships in Spain. They were only beaten once by Kristers Sergis and once by Daniel Willemsen.

"Last year we were able to compete with Willemsen only when he had problems", mentioned Kaurit "This year our physical condition and the bike are on the leaders level. For the first time I can say that we are preparing only for the win."

Reached the top step by step

It took 10 seasons for Kaurit to set the highest expectations. He's competing in his 11 season at the age of 37.

"For me it was the only way to reach the top- to get some experiences and sponsors. I got into the sidecarworld step by step. Sergis and Willemsen had the knowledge of their fathers which I didn't have," said he.

Kaurit-Jakk wanted to make into the top three already last year, but lost the bronze by only one point. Before the new season they were analysing what went wrong.

"We came to the conclusion that we didn't make any mistakes by ourselves. After 7 rounds we were surely holding third position but after 5 DNF-s we found us in the chasing position"

The Estonians were aware of the coming disaster. A Belgian sponsor was supposed to deliver a new engine in may but in June there was no more hope for that. So they had to find money for the new engine in Estonia.

"After he got some financial difficulties the whole system got out of control. We decided to reduce the part of the Belgian and found some new sponsors. Now we also communicate with the cycle parts industry by ourselves." said Kaurit.

"We have reached a point, from which the coming success is depending on us," mentioned he. "If someone would come and offer 1 million crones, we could answer that you cannot win the title with a cycle which has golden wheels!"

The Estonians have found some valuable advisors from the west. By developing the front suspension Kaurit is supported by the mechanic of Joel Smets and Jacky Martens brother makes the exhaust pipes.

"If you have good results you'll also find sponsors" mentioned Kaurit. "Sport is business and the manufacturers need innovative ideas and opinions. The cooperation for us is good: the front of the bike costs usually about 3000 euros but fortunately we got it for free. During the season we need three of them."

In the winter Kaurit built with help of his friends an engine testing equipment into his garage.

"It is very necessary in our climate. It is impossible to test the engine in the winter," remarked Kaurit. "Driving on snow doesn't give the general idea of the power. Until now we started testing in spring but now we can use the time to improve our driving."

Besides testing the engine and building frames Kaurit-Jakk did also a lot of condition training.

Travelling to the GP-s got better because the long trips in the camper are replaced by flights. The equipment stays in Belgium for the whole year.

Kaurit-Jakk is competing this weekend in France, which is the second round of the season.

"You cannot make any promises in motorsports but this year we are not going to the start with the thoughts of second or third places anymore." finished Kaurit

JAANIKESE World Championship round will be held on the June 12.-13.

SIDECAR Motocross World Championship 8-th round will be held in Valga, Valga-Jaanikese moto and holiday centre on the June 12.-13. The World Championship points in Jaanikese will be shared already for the six times.


In the last 5 years visited the Jaanikese World Championship race 10 000 spectators and for the year 2004 we expect about 15 000 spectators. The track will be more atractive, a big jump will be built and the track will be even more interesting for the riders as for the spectators. In the last years the track in Jaanikese has got very good opinions and is been called as one of the best Motocenter's in Europe.

In the near future are World Championships for the solo motorcycles planned.

The ticket will cost 150 EEK for studenst and pensionary 50 EEK

Besides the sidecars there will be races for Hobby 500cc.

The supporters are welcome on Friday. The tentcamp is 25m away from track The supporters from Parnu will organize a football competition between Estonian and Latvian teams.



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