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Path Valley Honors Region's Top Kart, Quad and Bike Riders Spring Run, PA_ Ethan Beasom of Mifflintown won the Rookie of the Year award in Path Valley Speedway Park's Burris Karting for 2003 and Andrew Boyer of Chambersburg won the Rising Star...

Path Valley Honors Region's Top Kart, Quad and Bike Riders

Spring Run, PA_ Ethan Beasom of Mifflintown won the Rookie of the Year award in Path Valley Speedway Park's Burris Karting for 2003 and Andrew Boyer of Chambersburg won the Rising Star Award as Two Wheel Promotions honored the top kart, quad and bike riders in the region Saturday night, Nov. 15.

Young Beasom finished fourth in the highly competitive Jr. Sportsman II class of flatkarts and Boyer accumulated the most points in the Kids Karts.

Track Flagman Steve Murphy thanked all of the karters for their sportsmanship and good humor during the whole season and he also recognized his crew of track workers and corner flagmen while Chief Scorer Amy Murphy presented the awards, sponsored by general sponsor Burris Racing and Burris Tires, C.A.R.T., T&T Racing, Walter Auto Wrecking, and Two Wheel Promotions (TWP) which operates the Path Valley Speedway Park.

Murphy said that no changes are anticipated in the weekly Burris kart and four-wheeler race program for 2004.

He said that average kart and quad count was more than 80 per week in the Burris Saturday afternoon races and singled out for special recognition those with perfect attendance. Special awards also went to Troy Imler of Imler with the most accumulated points, 555, in the senior classes and to D.J. Holland of Claysburg with the most points in the junior classes, 552. Both won all but one of their races in their top class.

Those who participated in every race were: Andrew Boyer, Richard Edwards, D.J. Holland, Justin Cunningham, Charlie Walter, Chad Walter, Dylan Cisney, Trevin Shank, Brent Hoffman, Brad Thomas, Jerry Beasom, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Burger, Nathan Danner, Troy Imler, Tracy Imler, David Hoffman, and on four-wheelers Craig Robinson and Nick Saner.

The awards presentations preceded the Fourth Annual Awards Banquet at the Pleasant Hall Firehall because, according to senior race director John Winsett of TWP, "The four wheel and two wheel riders put on a tremendous show every week and they richly deserve their won separate and distinct awards ceremony."

Along with prizes including trophies and Burris tires and kart wheels for the top riders, the champions in each class earned Burris Racing championship jackets. Trophies were presented based on 75 percent participation to roughly one in three riders, with championship trophies in some cases taller than the younger riders.

"Someday I'd like to watch one of these youngsters race at Indy or Charlotte or with the World of Outlaws," said Jack Flowers of TWP, "because this is where they all start, in karts when they are kids."

One graduation was noted for a kart champion moving up the racing ladder to race 600 Sprints in 2004. D.J. Holland of Claysburg will race the #89 in 600 Sprints. Holland won the 2003 season championships in both Jr. Stock and Jr. Restricted karts and in his new micro sprint ride he finished twelfth in the season's final race.

Season Motorcycle and Quad points champions from the combined Path Valley Outlaw and AMA sanctioned races were also honored and presented trophies.

The season champions and top riders in each class, with their points totals, are:

Kid Karts: Andrew Boyer, 548; Richard Edwards, 490; Dalton Long, 370.
Heavy: Kevin Sheaffer, 444.
Jr. Restricted: D.J. Holland, 486; Justin Cunningham, 428; Charlie Walter, 424; Chad Walter, 386.
Lites: Geoff Gill, 420; Chris Spangler, 409; Corey Comp, 518; Amber Lyter, 375.
Jr. Sportsman I: Dylan Cisney, 518; Zack Fouse, 497; Troy Cunningham, 409; Mathew Mellott, 289.
Caged Rookies: Trevin Shank, 531; Trent Brenneman, 440.
Jr. Champ: Bryan Hayberger, 472.
Medium: Brent Hoffman, 473; Brad Thomas, 468; Jerry Beasom, 365; Ryan Spangler, 256; Jim Grove, 255.
Sr. Champ: Pete Neuder, 371.
Jr. Stock: D.J. Holland, 552; Dustin Hoffman, 475; Matthew Burd, 242.
X-Heavy: Chuck Bowers, 481; Miles Burd, 375.
Jr. Sportsman II: Matt Burger, 499; Nathan Danner, 493; Dakota Bear, 410; Ethan Beasom, 332.
Open: Troy Imler, 555; Tracy Imler, 498; Tammy Imler, 414; Wayne Long, 405; Cathy Long, 267.
Animal: David Hoffman, 527; Autumn Bear, 483; Kevin Sheaffer, 366; Chuck Bowers, 311.
4-Wheel 2-Stroke: Craig Robinson, 519; Nick Saner, 441; John Dougherty, 403; Dane Delancey, 393; Donnie Bollinger, 367.

2-Stroke: Cory Burhman
4-Stroke: Cory Burhman

50cc Oil Injected: Dylan Winsett
50cc Senior (7-8): Tyler Stacey
60cc: Cassidy Heiser
100cc Stock: Shayna Texter
100cc Modified: Cory Texter
30+: Joe Dohm
40+: Steve Heiser
250B: Cory Texter
600B: Cory Texter


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