Irwindale results 2003-08-02

Irwindale, CA, Aug. 2 - Five racing classes and 220 laps of close feature competition on USG Night entertained 4,341 Saturday night at Irwindale Speedway. Victory margins were 1.855 seconds (super stocks), ten yards (TT motorcycles), 0.078 ...

Irwindale, CA, Aug. 2 - Five racing classes and 220 laps of close feature competition on USG Night entertained 4,341 Saturday night at Irwindale Speedway. Victory margins were 1.855 seconds (super stocks), ten yards (TT motorcycles), 0.078 seconds (late models), 0.198 seconds (super late models) and 0.163 (pro trucks)!

Winners were Russell White in a Jani-King SLM 75-lap feature (round eight of the ten-race Miller Lite Big 10 Challenge); Doug McComb in an Auto Club of Southern California Late Models 50-lap main; T. K. Karvasek in a Vista Paint S/S 40-lapper; Michael Thomas in a West Coast Pro Trucks 40, and Mike Cinqmars in a 15-lap "Super-bikers"-like SuperMoto TT motorcycle open final.

The revamped approximate one-mile, 13-turn motorcycle TT course utilized a portion of the half and third-mile tracks and the infield for the second event at IS for the bikers. A new 15-yard metal jump ramp in the infield at the starting line replaced the dirt hill used for jumps when the TT bikers made their debut at IS June 14.

Fastest SLM qualifier White, in his Dragon's Keep Cycle Repair Monte Carlo, spun a nine for the inversion and started ninth. He won his third main event in the 13th race of a 19-race season. White, who credited improvements in his chassis and shocks for his success, was the third race leader in a 29-minute race that had five lead changes and three caution flags. With a green, white and checkered flag finish, he edged series point leader and NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series Sunbelt Region point leader Rip Michels by 0.198 seconds.

Polestarter/second fastest qualifier McComb assumed the point after quickest qualifier Tim Huddleston, leader of the first 22 laps, cut a tire on lap 23 and hit the first turn wall. The impact ended Huddleston's bid for two consecutive victories. High-running McComb, in his Victory Circle, Pick-a-Part Monte Carlo, withstood the passing attempts of low-running Scott Youngren for his first triumph this year. A caution left only five green flag laps before the checker. Youngren trailed by 0.078 seconds.

Fan-favorite Karvasek drove his Camaro to his second consecutive super stock triumph and third in four races since he returned from a self-imposed retirement of more than a year. He started fifth as the fifth fastest qualifier and took command on lap five from early leader and front row starter Steve Gilmore. Series point leader Lee Ladd started seventh and finished second, 1.855 seconds back.

Thomas charged from fifth grid position to lead laps 33-40 in his Chevy truck. Fastest qualifier and race-long leader Dean Kuhn faded to third at the finish with overheating and under-steering problems. Aaron Staudinger came from sixth starting spot to a runner-up finish, 0.163 seconds back.

With 60 motorcycle racers present, three preliminary six-lap races, with 15 to 20 riders in each race, preceded the 15-lap open final. Cinqmars, novice Brad Banister and Leonardo Bagnis captured the six lap races. Cinqmars, a 25-year old Apple Valley rider who finished fourth in the inaugural IS "bike" race June 14, became the third and final race leader of the open final during lap seven. Five riders jockeyed for the lead in a tight pack until Cinqmars turned a rapid 58.3 second lap on his 450 cc Honda four-stroke cycle and assumed command. He estimated his top speed at 90 mph on the backstretch. The winner had a ten-yard final advantage over second finisher Bagnis. Micky Dymond led the first three laps before Bagnis led the next three loops. Mark Cernicky, Dustin Nelson and Dymond completed the top five as all 15 riders finished the 15-minute race with ten riders on the lead lap.

Ben Walker started the SLM main on the pole and paced the first seven laps before David Gilliland took over the next two laps. Walker put his Ford Taurus back in front from laps 10-24. Rapid Rod Johnson led lap 25 via an inside turn four pass. A lap later Walker's car tapped the back of leader Johnson's car, sending it spinning across the finish line in third position to the infield. Johnson quickly resumed speed in eighth place. Johnson nipped Greg Pursley, who also executed a 360-degree spin on lap six after a tap, for third position. Walker placed fifth. Gilliland, running fourth, spun entering the third turn on lap 46 and dropped to 13th before charging back to finish ninth. A lap 71 two-car spin resulted in three laps of caution and set-up the final two green flag laps. Seventeen of 22 starters finished and 16 ran all 75 laps.

The L/M main 50 had two red flag incidents. A tap on lap three sent eighth place Jess Flores nose-first into the third turn crash-wall, but he escaped injury. On lap 26 Jack Roberts spun after contact and hit the tire barrier at the edge of the third-mile track first turn wall with the right side of his car. He also escaped injury. A lap 11 multi-car crash involved third place Keith Spangler, Guy Tripp, Deryk Ward and Mike Price. Car damage and 11 caution circuits ensued. Series rookie Andrew Myers started and finished third for his first podium. Point leader Todd Burns, from tenth on the grid, and Tony Green completed the top five. Fifteen of 24 drivers finished and all ran 50 laps.

In the S/S race, Curtis White 2002 S/S champion Darren Cheek (driving Sean Vincent's Camaro for the first time) and Steve Gilmore finished third through fifth. Twenty-four of the 29 cars on the grid finished and 21 drivers completed every lap. Winner Karvasek said, "Thanks to Russ Fulp Racing Engines for my new engine. It's fun to race with Lee Ladd. He has cars in every division and helps everyone. I know he's running for points, so I tried to stay out of his way."

Hard charger award winners (four-wheel races only) were selected by track officials and selected drivers parked next to the top three drivers for post-race interviews. Honorees were Cheek (S/S-ninth to fourth), Mike Johnson (L/M-16th to seventh), Nathan Wulff (SLM-13th to seventh) and Don Helgeson (WCPT-19th to 11th).

Open Final - Mike Cinqmars, Leonardo Bagnis, Mark Cernicky, Dustin Nelson, Micky Dymond, Brad Banister, Chuck McCarty, Bob Cobb, Doug Nicol, Clay Cullen, Marty Moates, Steven Ayler, Mike Foster, Jeff Harrington, Pete Bilicki.

Fast Time - Darren Cheek, 22.013.

Main - T. K. Karvasek, Lee Ladd, Curtis White, Cheek, Steve Gilmore, Chris Houwen, Robin Bourgeois, Will Cottrell, Greg Benner, Ed Dazzo, Greg Crutcher, Brian Harrell, Danny Renko, Paul Howard, Niles Strever, Mike Gilmore, Jose Martinez, Victor Wu, Ken Brown, Tim Gardner, Rick Riley, Larry Sampson, Eric Sunness, Phil Holt, Craig Yeaton, John Arlotti, Cliff Conklin, Henry Miles,
DNS-Kenny White.

Fast Time - Dean Kuhn, 20.021 (NTR) old TR 20.157 by Kuhn on 10/26/02.

Main - Michael Thomas, Aaron Staudinger, Kuhn, Jeff Williams, Mike Pennington, Craig Baker, Mike Mocaby, Sean Bennett, Neil Conrad, Brian Pannone, Don Helgeson, Dennis Bennett, Richie Altman, Kirk Knostman, Steve Dyer, Dale Cromwell, David Ford, Tony Forfa III, Bob Leininger, Barry Kalperis, Richard Black, Ray Komar, Chris Johnson.

Fast Time - Tim Huddleston, 19.145.

Main - Doug McComb, Scott Youngren, Andrew Myers, Todd Burns, Tony Green, Robbie Brand, Mike Johnson, Dave Hessing, Jameel Saied, Del Dalrymple, Pat Ackley, Todd Conrad, Guy Tripp, Tony Widmer, Rick Atkins, John Jones, Mike Price, Jim Conklin, Jack Roberts, Huddleston, Ron Schartau, Deryk Ward, Keith Spangler, Jess Flores.

Fast Time - Russell White, 18.118.

Main - White, Rip Michels, Rod Johnson, Greg Pursley, Ben Walker, Tony Bruncati, Nathan Wulff, Ed Hoffman, David Gilliland, Kevin O'Neil, Michael May, Todd Southwell, Chris Oddo, Brandon Loverock, Gary Jenkins, Dean Cato, Tony Jackson, Dan O'Donnell, Andy Coyle, Stephan Sadler, Scott Conaway, Dan Moore.

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