Daytona Fall Cycle Scene day two

Rick Shaw turns more laps; William Meyers Goes 4-for-4. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., (Oct. 17, 2003) - For the first time since setting the Daytona 200 by Arai mileage record this past March, Rick Shaw returned to the 3.56-mile road course at Daytona ...

Rick Shaw turns more laps; William Meyers Goes 4-for-4.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., (Oct. 17, 2003) - For the first time since setting the Daytona 200 by Arai mileage record this past March, Rick Shaw returned to the 3.56-mile road course at Daytona International Speedway to participate in Fall Cycle Scene.

After having a couple of months to let the mileage record sink in, Shaw is now able to reminisce about the feat.

"(The record) is such an honor," said Shaw, who has raced 3,365 miles in the Daytona 200 By Arai. "When I started (racing in the Daytona 200 by Arai) 20 years ago, I never expected it. Just to think that my name would be listed with all the greats that passed, what can I say, it's just an honor."

Shaw, a native of Miami, Fla., where he is a police officer, kicked off his return to "The World Center of Racing" by pairing up with his nephew, Brian Shaw and taking first place in Thursday's Team Challenge. Motorcycle racing will become a family affair next March, with Rick's son, Dale, racing in a few Championship Cup Series (CCS) events.

Looking ahead to next March, Shaw is eager to return and continue to build upon his record. He's also aware of what it is going to take to make the race.

"I would really like to keep on coming back and making (the record) so far out of sight that no one gets it," Shaw said. "That's the way that I'd like to do it -- as long as I'm enjoying racing and having fun. If I'm competing at a relatively high level where I'm not a hazard to anybody on the track or a hazard to myself, and I can finish in the Top 20, I'm happy. I love coming here. A lot of guys have been going really fast with this equipment. The deciding factor is going to be tires."

For Shaw, every return to historic Daytona International Speedway is a memorable experience. Besides extending his mileage record next March, he will also be celebrating his 30th anniversary of racing at Daytona.

He's also excited about Friday's announcement that the 2004 Daytona Supercross by Honda will be raced under the lights and the 63rd Daytona 200 by Arai will be moved to Saturday afternoon.

"I thought it was such a beautiful idea when you guys shifted the cars to running at night and made it a spectacle," Shaw said. "I think the Supercross is one of your premier events and running it at night would be a beautiful, beautiful thing. The (Daytona) 200 on Saturday would be wonderful."

No matter how many more years Shaw continues to return to Daytona and build on his mileage record, when he does decide to retire, he hopes people remember how much he loved to race.

"I just hope that through the years that people will say 'I watched him race and he wasn't the fastest out there, but he was out there all the time and he had a good time doing it.' "

Friday's races: William Meyers, a native of Ormond Beach, Fla., and Jacksonville, Fla., resident was the big winner during Friday's Fall Cycle Scene activities, capturing all four races he was entered in.

Meyers posted victories in the Amateur GTO, Acropovic GTU Amateur, Amateur Speedscreen Unlimited GP and the Amateur Middleweight Supersport.

Meyers will race in two more events on Saturday and compete in Sunday's Amateur Unlimited Grand Prix.

"It builds your confidence," Meyers said. "Everything is working right. We've got a couple of issues on the Suzuki 1000 but we'll get it dialed in right and get it going fast."

Fall Cycle Scene continues on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available at the gate. For more information, call the Speedway ticket office at (386) 253-RACE.

Friday's results

Amateur GTO: 1. William Meyers, Suzuki 1000; 2. Jay Quick, Suzuki 750; 3. Mark Delano, Suzuki 750.

Expert GT Lights: 1. Ed Key, Suzuki 650; 2. Derek Keyes, Buell; 3. Derek Keyes, Suzuki 650.

Amateur GT Lights: 1. Michael Mills, Suzuki 650; 2. Ron Belisle, Suzuki 650; 3. Brenden Hafner, Suzuki 650.

Expert GTO: 1. Steve Rapp, Suzuki 1000; 2. Marco Martinez, Suzuki 1000; 3. Jake Holden, Suzuki 1000.

Acropovic GTU Amateur: 1. William Meyers, Kawasaki 600; 2. Mark Delano, Suzuki 600; 3. Greg Melka, Kawasaki 636.

Acropovic GTU Expert: 1. Scott Greenwood, Yamaha 600; 2. Scott Harwell, Suzuki 600; 3. Chris Peris, Honda 600.

Amateur Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Bill Davenport, Suzuki 650; 2. Stephen Servis, Suzuki 650; 3. Tom Short, Suzuki 650.

Expert Lightweight SuperSport: 1. Ed Key, Suzuki 650; 2. Alex Ferreira; 3. John Linder, Suzuki 650.

Ultra Lightweight Sportsman: 1. Kevin Kennedy, Muz 720; 2. Duane Francis, Yamaha 250; 3. Victor Hyman, Honda 250.

Expert Lightweight Sportsman: 1. Kevin Weir, Muz 720; 2. John J. Aksel, Muz 720; 3. Eric Mercer, Muz 762.

Amateur Lightweight Sportsman: 1. Jameson White, Muz 660; 2. Dave Gabert, Honda 400; 3. Bruce E. Wagner, Muz 660.

Amateur Speedscreen Unlimited GP: 1. William Meyers, Suzuki 1000; 2. Michael Shallcross, Suzuki 750; 3. Jay Scott Quick, Suzuki 750.

Expert Speedscreen Unlimited GP: 1. Marco Martinez, Suzuki 1000; 2. Jake Holden, Suzuki 1000; 3. Larry Denning, Yamaha 1000.

SuperSingles: 1. Jerry Wood, Ducati 570; 2. Eric Mercer, Muz 762; 3. Kevin Weir, Muz 720.

GP Singles: 1. Steve Wenner; 2. Dale Greenwood, Jr., Honda 125; 3. Scott Coccoli, Honda 125.

Amateur Middleweight Sportsman: 1. Miki Espiritu, Aprila 250; 2. Daniele Lenarduzzi; 3. Michael Humphries.

Expert Middleweight Sportsman: 1. Vahan Buchakjian, Ducati 750; 2. Paul James, Buell 984; 3. Rodney Burr, Aprila 250.

Expert Middleweight Supersport: 1. Scott Greenwood, Yamaha 600; 2. Lee Acree, Yamaha 600; 3. Jeff Wood, Yamaha 600.

Amateur Middleweight Supersport: 1. William Meyers, Kawasaki 600; 2. Greg Melka, Kawasaki 636; 3. Benjamin Thornton, Suzuki 600.


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