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Carlin Felix Serralles, Carlos Sainz Jr., Jack Harvey
Carlos Sainz Jr. Felix Serralles, Carlos Sainz Jr.
Carlos Sainz Jr., Carlos Sainz Sr
Carlos Sainz Jr. and Jose Manuel…
Carlos Sainz Jr.
Jack Harvey Carlos Sainz Jr.
Felix Serralles' Uncle Henry
Carlos Sainz Jr. Jazeman Jaafar
Felix Serralles Duvashen Padayachee
Broken Formula Ford Nick McBride
Nick McBride Jazeman Jaafar, Harry Tincknell, Nick McBride
Harry Tincknell's father
Nick McBride's support crew
Harry Tincknell
Jazeman Jaafar
Nick McBride
Harry Tincknell Nick McBride
Harry Tincknell
Adderly Fong
Nick McBride
Jazeman Jaafar Carlin
Harry Tincknell
Harry Tincknell
Harry Tincknell Geoff Uhrhane's hands
Duvashen Padayachee's father
Jazeman Jaafar Pipo Derani's mother
Pedro Pablo Calbimonte's car details Adderly Fong's helmet
Ben Clucas
Nick McBride's helmet Tyre details
Cars in the pits
Jazeman Jaafar and Bruce Jouanny Pipo Derani's car