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Adriano Buzaid Oliver Oakes
Riki Christodoulou
Daniel Ricciardo's helmet Stéphane Richelmi out on track
Sam and Sarah, the Avon Tyres/Cooper Tires grid girls are amused Daniel Ricciardo
Max Chilton Victor Correa
Daniel Ricciardo Max Chilton
Renger van der Zande Renger van der Zande
Daisuke Nakajima
Forces Childrens Trust grid girl and friends
Max Chilton
Daniel McKenzie Henry Arundel
Riki Christodoulou Renger van der Zande
Henry Arundel Daisuke Nakajima, Riki Christodoulou
Daniel McKenzie Victor Correa
Daniel Ricciardo, Nick Tandy Max Snegirev, Victor Correa
Hywel Lloyd Wayne Boyd
Nick Tandy Max Chilton
Daisuke Nakajima Van der Zande leads the pack
Adriano Buzaid Oliver Gavin, former F3 champion
David Brabham, 1989 F3 Champion
Victor Garcia
Daisuke Nakajima
Walter Grubmuller
Daniel Ricciardo
Renger van der Zande
Renger van der Zande
Carlos Huertas' mother
A zen tyre Daisuke Nakajima
Fortec Motorsport Oli Oakes at the press conference
Victor Garcia looks worried Hywel Lloyd expains what he wants