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Robert Wickens Robert Wickens and Jimmy
Eddie Arundel (the Duke of Norfolk)
Nick Tandy studying track conditions
Crepes stand
Coffee and Prosecco bar Daniel McKenzie
Renger van der Zande, Walter Grubmuller and Robert Wickens celebrate Renger van der Zande and Walter Grubmuller
Robert Wickens Renger van der Zande
Walter Grubmuller Daniel McKenzie
Renger van der Zande and Walter Grubmuller Walter Grubmuller
Working on Wickens' car
Tyres are worn even before the race starts Adriano Buzaid before the start
Carlos Huertas gets some help from his mother
Gabriel Dias and Daniel Ricciardo Local specialities (asparagus with lobster sauce and pasta)
Local wines
Victor Correa wins the National Class Litespeed's first victory
Renger van der Zande, Marcus Ericsson and Walter Grubmuller Kenny Brack is delighted with Ericsson's win
Grid girls
Marcus Ericsson and Kenny Brack
Robert Wickens Victor Correa
Pit lane view
Victor Garcia
Tea break time
Daniel McKenzie
Jay Bridger and Victor Correa
Eddie Arundel (the Duke of Norfolk) and Mrs. Chilton waiting Riki Christodoulou and Daniel McKenzie
Reading helps to pass the time
Press Office sweets T-Sport get ready
As do Hitech
Robert Wickens
Henry Arundel Max Chilton