Turvey again tops times at Spa

Oliver Turvey (Carlin Motorsport) again claimed pole position on the demanding Spa-Francorchamps track, this time beating out Marcus Ericsson (Fortec Motorsport) and one of his own team-mates (Sam Abay). In the National Class Jay Bridger (Fluid ...

Oliver Turvey (Carlin Motorsport) again claimed pole position on the demanding Spa-Francorchamps track, this time beating out Marcus Ericsson (Fortec Motorsport) and one of his own team-mates (Sam Abay). In the National Class Jay Bridger (Fluid Motorsport) was on pole again, while the Invitation Class again went to Daniel Campos Hull (HBR Motorsport).

With conditions far cooler than they were yesterday afternoon, it was likely that we would see some impressive times this morning as the engines and tyres were less stressed by conditions. The session was started by the Hitech Racing pair of Max Chilton and Walter Grubmuller, but they were soon joined by almost everyone except the Carlin Motorsport boys. Meanwhile Steven Guerrero (T-Sport) was early to the National Class pole, though whether he'd get to keep it was another matter altogether. Meanwhile John Martin (Double R Racing) was on overall pole from Atte Mustonen (Double R Racing), but they were both shoved back down a place by Sergio Perez (T- Sport). He was quickly joined on the front row by Marcus Ericsson (Fortec Motorsport), while Stefan Wilson (Fluid Motorsport) was next to take the National Class pole. All of that placed Grubmuller 4th, ahead of Oliver Oakes (Eurotek). It didn't take long for Perez to go faster than all of them, while Bridger was on a flyer too and reclaimed the class pole with a time that put him 7th overall.

A rapid time from Oakes saw him claim 2nd while Henry Arundel (Double R Racing) was now a surprising 5th. Ericsson grabbed 3rd back which put Martin and Arundel next in line. Meanwhile, in the National Class, Wilson had got the drop on Bridger and was now 5th overall. That changed slightly when the ever-rapid Nick Tandy (John Tandy Racing) grabbed 2nd. It changed even further when Bridger went 5th overall and then Campos Hull rocketed round for 2nd.

A further effort from Ericsson saw him reclaim pole with a time of 2:15.271, but everyone was still waiting for the Carlin boys to show their hand. They finally ventured out to play at about the one-third mark, and were consequently at the very bottom of the order at this stage. The clouds were looking slightly ominous so you had to wonder what they were playing at. It could have proved to be a risky strategy.

While they were getting sorted out, Michael Devaney (Ultimate Motorsport) grabbed 3rd, but then Jaime Alguersuari (Carlin Motorsport) appeared in the top ten in 8th, but that was outshone by Sam Abay's effort, which put the Australian rookie 2nd, ahead of Mustonen and Martin. The then both lost out to Tandy, while the National Class was back in Bridge's hands. The National Class leader was now 12th overall.

The battle for overall pole wasn't over yet either. Abay was now back to 3rd as Perez took another run at pole and set the first sub 2 minutes and 15 seconds lap. Hartley, meanwhile, had something to say about that, rocketing from dead last to pole in one massive leap. He didn't get to keep it long either, as an effort from Turvey that matched yesterday's run saw him top the times. With Alguersuari now 5th, the only non-Carlin driver in the top five was Perez in 4th. Ericsson was next to try and break up the party when he went 3rd. A lap later Abay went faster but so did Turvey, with a 2:14.101. Tandy insisted on joining in again, and was 4th, while Ericsson set 2nd, just as Martin went off quite heavily at Pouhon and brought out the yellow flags. The driver was uninjured though the same could not be said of the car.

Once the mess was cleared away, Hartley got a good run that saw him move back up to 4th, while Campos Hull grabbed 10th and the Invitation Class pole.

With five minutes left of the session, most drivers again pitted to save tyres, and despite the efforts of one or two if them the order remained static. As a result Turvey claimed his second pole of the weekend, from Ericsson, Abay, Hartley, Tandy, Perez, Alguersuari, Mustonen, Martin and Campos Hull. Walter Grubmuller (Hitech Racing) qualified where he often does in 11th, ahead of Arundel, Devaney, Sebastian Hohenthal (Fortec Motorsport). Philip Major (Fortec Motorsport), Max Chilton (Fortec Motorsport), Alistair Jackson (Ultimate Motorsport), Oakes, Bridger who was on National Class pole and Steven Guerrero (T-Sport). 21st was Wilson, heading up Ricardo Teixeira (Ultimate Motorsport), Salman Al Khalifa (T- Sport), Basil Shaaban (HBR Motorsport), Hywel Lloyd (C F Motorsport), Kristjan Einar (Carlin Motorsport) despite a last lap spin and Craig Reiff (Nexa Racing).

Car 54 Einar spun and continued on the last lap.

Weather: Cool, dry, slightly cloudy.

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