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British F3 team to use BPS simulator during 2011 season

Brackley, UK - 24 January 2011: British F3 team, T-Sport, has agreed a deal with Base Performance Simulators (BPS) to offer simulator training to its driving squad during the 2011 season. BPS, run by racing driver and simulator expert, Darren Turner, is located in Banbury, not far from T-Sport's base in Brackley and both parties are delighted with the deal.

"We wanted to do a deal with Darren to be our simulator partner as he is a specialist supplier, committed to the programme," said T-Sport team principal, Russell Eacott. "We thought about doing it in-house but why try to do it yourself when there is a bespoke, independent company right on your doorstep? By using a partner for this it focuses the team to go with a plan and work through a proper programme. We like what we have seen and we think this will be a real benefit to our drivers."

"I'm really pleased to be working with T-Sport," said Turner. "It's good to be working with a professional team that is engineering driven and I look forward to BPS becoming an integral part of their driver's development and helping to maximise the team's performance. At BPS we place great importance on our confidential service which means that teams like T-Sport can come along, secure in the knowledge that everything they learn here will be treated in absolute confidence."

T-Sport's driving squad of Menasheh Idafar, Yann Cunha and Bart Hylkema will use the BPS simulator throughout the season in order to gain maximum advantage before they take to the track.

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