Silverstone: Calin Motorsport race report

Bakkerud back on form / Carlin take strong points haul Aldershot (UK) 13 August 2006. The first race of the weekend proved disappointing for all of the Carlin drivers as they struggled to find good grip levels in the tricky wet conditions.

Bakkerud back on form / Carlin take strong points haul

Aldershot (UK) 13 August 2006. The first race of the weekend proved disappointing for all of the Carlin drivers as they struggled to find good grip levels in the tricky wet conditions. However, the second race saw an improvement all round, especially for Danish ace Christian Bakkerud who was back on form pushing Mike Conway (Double R) hard all the way to the finish line to take a well deserved second place. Oliver Jarvis, having lost out in the start still managed a third and some well needed points while Maro Engel finished fifth and Keiko Ihara made up places to finish fourteenth. Mario Moraes in his third weekend with the Carlin team clinched a first and a second place in the National Class in his Dallara Mugen-Honda.

Christian Bakkerud
Race 1 - P12 Race 2 - P2

"In the first race the whole team was lacking pace but especially me. The car wasn't as good as I wanted it to be in the wet so it was a matter of keeping it on the track and bringing it home. "

"I was definitely faster than Conway in the second race but I just could not get by thanks to the nature of this circuit. You lose a lot of grip when you follow another car, and that also caused my tyres to grain quite badly but I got fastest lap and that clearly shows who was quickest here today! For once in a long time I didn't have anything going against me and I always knew I'd get a good result when that happened. It's obvious that we're quick so all I need in the second half of the season is some more clean runs like this one. I was a little bit careful in this weekend's races because I really needed to get good results. I didn't want to do anything stupid after all the bad luck I've had lately. Next time Conway won't be so lucky!"

Oliver Jarvis
Race 1 - P4 Race 2 - P3

"In the first race I got a really good start and got off the line ahead of Conway and was second going into the first corner. I managed to keep him behind me until we came into Stowe where he drove around me and from there onwards I really just struggled to get grip. We didn't quite get the right temperature in the tyres in the wet and as a consequence we couldn't get the car working as we would have hoped. I managed to hold third until the safety car and then unfortunately after the safety car pulled off Yelmer Buurman got a slip stream on the straight and managed to pass me and from then on it was just a case of holding fourth so I was a little bit disappointed with that."

"In the second race I started from second and got away okay but the inside line was slightly wetter and I got a little bit of wheel spin. My team mate Christian and Bruno (Senna) got a much better start but I managed to fend off Bruno who tried a manoeuvre on me but he ran wide and from then on it was a case of keeping my third position as I was too far behind to challenge Mike (Conway) and Christian and there was no threat from behind. I'm a bit disappointed with the weekend but we have come away with some decent points for the championship. "

Maro Engel
Race 1 - P10 Race 2 - P5

"In the first race I managed to make up three places in the start but in the run down to Beckett's I got pushed out a bit and ended up side by side with Yelmer Buurman and as we went around the corner we touched and unfortunately I spun around and I think I ended up last at this point. I worked my way up from there to ninth but unfortunately when we had the re- start after the safety car, we had a lapped car in-front of us and while I was trying to over take him he didn't see me and drove me off the track and I then lost the position I was hoping to gain. "

"Race two, a good start again and I'm really pleased with the fights I had on track and I don't think I have ever gone around the outside of so many people as I did in this race. As soon as I had got past Jonathan Kennard I pushed hard to get close to Salvador Duran and my team mate Oliver Jarvis but I started graining my tyres and from then on I just tried to get to the finish line without loosing any positions."

Keiko Ihara
Race 1 - DNF Race 2 - P14

"I was unlucky in the first race. I had an incident with Rudolfo Avila right at the beginning and this broke my front suspension and I could not finish the race which was a great disappointment. In the second race I didn't have a good starting position as I had some problems in that qualifying yesterday but I tried to push very hard and managed to take five cars which I'm pleased with. This second race has given me a bit more confidence and I look forward to Brands Hatch in two weeks."

Mario Moraes
Race 1 - P1 National Class Race 2 - P2 National Class

"It has been three very interesting and enjoyable weekends spent with the Carlin team. I have learnt a huge amount and it's been a great experience for me to come here to Europe and measure myself against some of the top F3 drivers in the world. All of the circuits we have visited so far, Spa Francorchamps, Zandvoort and now Silverstone are all world class tracks with F1 pedigree and it's been a steep learning curve in many ways. Coming from Brazil where the ambient temperatures are very different, it's taken time for me to learn how to get the tyre temperatures up quickly and at the same time learning the circuits, working with new people and just adapting to a new environment. Now I'm off back to Brazil but I will be back again soon so watch this space!"

Team Principal Trevor Carlin
"A bit of strange week-end for us as at times we were super competitive and setting the pace and other times struggling to match the pace of our nearest competitors."

"In qualifying, we looked strong, particularly for race two, but I'm slightly perplexed with our lack of pace in the wet, first race. We need to investigate further the reasons behind why all of our drivers seemed to lack overall grip because we cannot afford another wet race like that one."

"Race two was completely dry and this allowed us to repeat our qualifying pace. Christian drove a fabulous, mature, attacking race and he put Mike Conway under serious pressure throughout. Had he have qualified on the front row instead of the second I truly believe that Christian would have won from the front. We're working with Christian to improve his qualifying and it has improved, but there's more to come."

"Oliver drove a strong first race but couldn't hold back patently quicker cars, but he didn't get involved in any stupid clashes and helped himself to a decent points haul. In race two he lost out at the first corner but couldn't hold on to Christian and Mike which surprised me. But this was still Oliver's fifth podium of his first season in F3 from 14 starts so he should not be too disappointed."

"Maro Engel's first experience of the Silverstone GP circuit was compounded by the different weather conditions but he drove well, especially in race two and I thought that he made good solid progress all week-end. Finally, we bid farewell, for the time being at least, to Mario Moraes who has contested three race meetings with us and acquitted himself very well. I'm keen to have Mario back and I think that he's capable of making a big impression on the British F3 Championship in the future."

-credit: Carlin Motorsport

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