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Rhonda R. Trammell Trammell Motorsports and Consulting June 19, 2001 Sponsors and Friends /Race Report No. 7 (Toronto, Ont.) July 15,2001- Round seven of the CART/Barber Dodge Pro Series found us at the ...

Rhonda R. Trammell
Trammell Motorsports and Consulting

June 19, 2001

Sponsors and Friends /Race Report No. 7

(Toronto, Ont.) July 15,2001- Round seven of the CART/Barber Dodge Pro Series found us at the Moslon Indy Toronto. The Barber Dodge Pro cars were the first cars on the track for the weekend as well as the last race on the track for the weekend. There was a field of 20 cars and we put on an exciting race at our inaugural event.

I recently did a mid-season report, which you can find on, in which I said that I felt Toronto would be a turning point for me. I have to say that it was. I went into this past weekend like everyone else, not knowing what it was going to be like, not knowing anything about a previous set up that had worked in the past, because there was no past. It was a clean slate.

A rundown of the weekend started with our first practice session on Friday morning. I was tenth quick. (I was fifth and sixth until the end of the session). For our first qualifying, I was 12th quick. Our session ended only seven laps in, due to a crash that ate up our remaining time. On the last lap of that session, I turned a time that would have put me fifth on the grid, but whenever there is a black flag all situation, the clocks stop and in this case it stopped about 100 yards before I got to the timing beacon. Oh well, I was happy because I knew I had the time even if it didn't count. On Saturday, we went out for our second qualifying session and I qualified ninth. This is my career best so far in the Barber Dodge Pro Series. Again, I was running fifth and sixth until the end of our again shortened session, but a few guys posted some quicker times at the end. I was happy that I moved ahead on the grid to ninth instead of twelfth for our race on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday, we had a 15minute warm-up. The track conditions were so slick that it was difficult to decide what else the car might need for the race. I had made some changes for that morning session, which were good enough to put me seventh quick. I was really surprised that I was where I was, because it sure didn't feel like seventh spot material when I was on the track and to top it off I was only 3/10 off the quick time of the morning.

Now for the race, I had it all planned out and I knew what I was supposed to do, but I had the timing off just a little and allowed the car behind me to get a run on the inside of me going down into turn one. I knew he was there and gave him a little space, but the car to the left of me came down on me and hit my left front tire. This knocked the wheel out of my hand for a second and I was headed for the tires, but I gathered it up pretty quick and kept going, but in this process I'm getting passed by 6 cars. I didn't let it bug me, I just kept going. The first lap by I was 15th and then progressively, I was working my way through the field. One at a time, everything felt great in the car, except for a little brake lock up. I had worked my way up to seventh spot when we had a full course yellow. The green flag waves again and we're off. The race was going great and I knew that I was in a good position, but a few laps later, I went into turn 6 and got a little bit wide on the entry which put me up in the marbles. I tried to get the car back down onto the line, but just couldn't do it. My left front was heading towards the exit of the tire wall, so at the last minute in hopes that I could get away from the wall all together, I turned the wheel right and gassed it hard. I was hoping that I could get a grip, (ha ha) in more ways than one. I changed the trajectory and ended up clipping the left rear instead of the left front. Almost cleared, but not quite. Oh well, it was a great weekend for me, despite my first DNF. It would have been my best finish, had I finished. Next time!

Thanks to all of the Klein Tools guests that took an interest, see you in Chicago!

Our next stop on the schedule is the Chicago Motor Speedway in Cicero, Illinois, July 26-29, 2001 with the CART/FedEx Championship Series.

Please watch the Toronto Molson Indy, Barber Dodge Pro Series race on ESPN 2, August 15th @ 6:00- 6:30 p.m. ET, with a rebroadcast on August 17th @ 5:30- 6:00 a.m. ET.

Thank you to my sponsors for making this possible, Forsythe Racing, Inc., ReO SpineLine, Klein Tools, Freelance Lettering, and of course (My Husband, Terry).

Sincerely, Rhonda Trammell

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