Monterrey: Burt Frisselle event summary


#24 Burt Frisselle
Barber Dodge Pro Series
Tecate Telemex Grand Prix of Monterrey
Fundidora Park
Monterrey, Mexico
March 20- March 22, 2003

Test Sessions 1 & 2
Position Finished: 4th
Fastest Lap Time: 01:37.248

Burt Frisselle came out strong in Thursday's test sessions, finishing fourth fastest in both sessions. Frisselle was thrilled, stating "I am very pleased with my performance today. The car felt great and I definitely feel confident in my ability to run in the top five in tomorrow's qualifying."

Practice Session
Position Finished: 13th
Fastest Lap Time: 01:37.499

Frisselle faced mechanical difficulties on Friday, and therefore had a less successful practice session. "Today's practice did not go as well as I had hoped," Frisselle stated. "Hopefully we can determine where we went wrong on the set-up and turn things around for this afternoon's qualifying session."

Qualifying Session 1
Position Qualified: 17th
Fastest Lap Time: 01:36.398

Frisselle continued to battle with mechanical difficulties in Friday's qualifying session. "Today was definitely disappointing," Frisselle commented. "We basically fell a day behind as we tried to sort out where we had gone wrong with the car set-up, and as a result my qualifying efforts were adversely affected. I am looking forward to a better day tomorrow!"

Qualifying Session 2
Position Qualified: 12th
Fastest Lap Time: 01:34.952

Frisselle executed a stronger performance in Saturday's qualifying session, moving up five positions to P12. "Unfortunately I lost a lot of practice time yesterday in my efforts to nail down the right set-up, which made it difficult to perform to my fullest potential today. I feel that I should be running in the top 6, but I am pleased to have improved upon yesterday's performance by qualifying in P12."

Position Started: 12th
Position Finished: 15th

Frisselle had a rough start in Saturday's race, spinning in a tight area of the track as several cars tried to battle their way through the field. The rookie feel back to P21, but was able to gain six positions to finish in P15, earning Frisselle one point for the weekend. "Although I feel that I never fully recovered from my struggles early in the weekend, I am pleased to have finished in the top 15 and to have earned one point. I am definitely becoming more confident that I have the ability to be running in the top of the field, and I look forward to a better weekend in Milwaukee."


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