When To Shift Gears For The Fastest Acceleration


When Should You Shift Gears For Maximum Acceleration?

In order to accelerate as fast as possible, it is necessary to know exactly when you should shift gears. Maximum acceleration occurs when wheel torque is as high as possible. This gear shift should occur when the engine torque has dropped low enough that the lower gearing no longer offers a torque advantage. For many vehicles, this will occur at redline. For vehicle with lots of gears, or very close ratio gears, this may not be the case. In order to determine when to shift gears, you'll need to know your horsepower/torque curve (dyno), your transmission gear ratios, your redline, and your final drive ratio.

Note: some cars have more than one gear reduction in the transmission, as does the Honda S2000 explained in this video. You'll need this number if you want to fully calculate the wheel torque.

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