VW Golf R or Golf GTI? - Back to Back Test Drives


I've teamed up with Pendle Leasing to bring you a new series of test drives in more obtainable cars and we're underway with the second video, featuring both the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Golf R!

The GTI brand is iconic having being born over 4 decades ago and the mk VII version comes equipped with 220PS and 350Nm, along with familiar touches that have remained in the model throughout time; the tartan interior, red highlight across the grille and the golf ball gear knob.

The R was launched initially on the previous generation but now comes packed with 300PS and 380NM, capable of 4.9s 0-62mph with the DSG, but in this case I'm driving both cars for back to back test drives with 6 speed manuals.

The Golf GTI and Golf R (along with many other Golf variants) are available via Pendle Vehicle Contracts. The UK-based leasing company offers special leasing deals for all needs and arrange suitable finance for the private individual, business or even if you are a large fleet customer.

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