Turbo Mini Recall, BMW X5, Time Machine for Sale, GLK Facelift, & Hump Day GOTW!!

Your Turbo Mini may burst into flames! We have some spy shots that basically show us nothing about the new BMW X5. Ebay is going to help you go back in time with a 1981 Delorean for sale. Plus the 2013 Mercedes GLK gets a facelift, and HUMP DAY GIRL OF THE WEEK! Oh and we aren't going black for this whole SOPA thing, but we don't like it, fyi. That's all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D.
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Tags automotive, back to the future, bmw x5, carrot top, cars, delorean, delorean for sale, facelift, fire, hot chick, hump day, marty mcfly, mercedes, mercedes glk, mini, model, news, olivia korte, recall, turbo mini

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