This Mercury Cyclone Now Twists Through Norwegian Backroads


“I made my mind up when I was a kid, that I have to work with cars, nothing else…I can’t do anything else.”

This is Alexander Brevik, and the Mercury Cyclone is his car for driving. It may sound funny to say it’s his car for driving, but Brevik isn’t your typical enthusiast: most of his other cars, are project cars. Yes, project cars, and for very good reason: “I really like fixing the cars more than driving,” he says.

“The one good thing about the Cyclone is when I get bored of working on my cars, I can always drive that, because that’s in good shape,” says Brevik. “I don’t have to work on it.”

“I know it’ll take me from A to B, and wherever I want to go.” So if you see a Cyclone in Norway, don’t forget to wave—chances are Brevik is behind the wheel, maybe even running an errand to finish one of his project cars.

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Duration 06:13
Posted Dec 8, 2015
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