Maria Sharapova & Porsche, Maserati Alfa 4C Rival, Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake & Audi R8 Jerk

Maria Sharapova, the hot tennis star, makes a deal with Porsche. Maserati sees that Alfa Romeo 4C sportscar, and is like, hmmm we may make one like that, but better. Also, Mercedes says a shooting brake version of their CLA is on the way, and an idiot in an Audi R8 thinks he's better than everyone else on the road, but in reality he's just a douche. Plus, NASA folks drew a wiener on Mars (on purpose or not, still funny). That's all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!
Audi R8 buttmunch being a jerk on the road:
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Tags audi r8, maria sharapova, maserati alfa 4c, mercedes cla, porsche

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