Infiniti Q50, Justin Bieber Paparazzi, Homemade F1 Car, Moscow Plane Crash, & More!

Fast Lane Daily is back in 2013! We hope everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas and New Years! Let's talk about todays episode shall we...Infiniti let's out a teaser of their new 2014 Q50 sedan, and it's quite the tease. A guy with a lot of time on his hands builds an F1 Car (sort of), and Ford introduces their "Energi" Fusion, but it'll cost you a little more than you think a Fusion should. Plus a scary dash cam video of a plane crash in Russia, and a Paparazzi is unfortunately killed while trying to get pictures of Justin Bieber. That and more is all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!
Dash cam video of plane crash:
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Tags derek d, fast lane daily, homemade f1 car, infiniti q50, justin bieber, moscow plane crash

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