I Didn't Lose My First Race!


The Audi Sport TT Cup, Hockenheim circuit and my first ever race, what an amazing weekend for so many reasons.

After my earlier training session at the Audi Driving Experience Centre at Neuburg, this time it was for real - my first ever full race on a grid of experienced drivers on the TT Cup's final weekend of the season at Hockenheim, Germany.

It's hard to describe the experience of this, going straight out into something that's quite so serious. The rest of the grid consists mostly of the permanent TT Cup drivers - those selected from applicants who drive to a very high standard, followed by some guest drivers; consisting of both journalists and celebrities. Naturally the permanent names are aspiring professional race drivers, have a season or more under their belt, in many cases have been karting since they were young, and for sure are very experienced in these specific cars - the challenge is clearly set very high. My goal was primarily to concentrate on enjoying the weekend and performing to the best of my ability.

As the sessions progressed; Practice, Qualification, Race 1 and Race 2, my confidence and capability in the car grew and ultimately I was doing laps around 4 seconds (1:54.421) behind the fastest - there is no question that with more time in the car I would be able to learn it even more and close that down. For a first outing, I don't think I could ever have expected to do better and am left feeling very pleased with what I achieved. Had there been a third race, seeing my improvements from each session, who knows...!

No doubt the keyboard warriors will be out in force to tell me they could have done better, remember this is for real, not a game!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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