I Cannot Wait For My Aston Martin GT8 [Road to GT8 Episode 01]


Time to take the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 for a test drive, and quite an important first test given mine is on order! From now we can kick-start the [Road to GT8] video series heading through to delivery of my car in December this year.

Inspired by the GTE racecar, the GT8 is a limited edition model of 150 units based on the 4.7 V8 engine, producing 446PS (440bhp). Armed with a gigantic carbon rear wing and a monstrous titanium exhaust system - it's certainly a bit of a beast.

But what's it like behind the wheel? Well in a word; epic! Bring on the [Road to GT8], whereby I'll be able to show you the full process from now to my car being on the road; the ordering and specification process, the car in build at the Gaydon factory, and ultimately handover and delivery!

For now, it's a first test drive out of the Aston Martin development centre at the Nurburgring in Germany; time to enjoy some fantastic roads in the amazing environment and show you in full around the car.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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