Alfa Romeo 6C Coupe, Volvo KERS Tech, Audi TT Ultra Quattro, Hyundai Suicide Ad, and COW!

Alfa Romeo is working on a Maserati-Ghibli based 6C model with engine and parts from the best parts bin in the world, Volvo has built a Formula 1 inspired flywheel KERS system to dramatically improve fuel consumption , Audi builds a stripped down TT concept that bites at the heals of the TTRS in terms of performance, and Hyundai makes a UK ad that's in very bad taste and has upset a lot of people - plus commenter of the week! That is all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Christina T
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Tags alfa romeo 6c coupe, audi tt ultra quattro, fld, hyundai suicide ad, volvo kers tech

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