Acura ILX, Ford B-Max Image, Bad Pool Day, & MORE Superbowl Commercials!

Acura is all, OK well make cool looking cars again, and they show us the new ILX. Ford makes a B-Max but will America get it? Also, some dude has a very unfortunate accident with his new car (well it was new to him) that you only see in the movies (apparently). Plus more Superbowl Ads released, of course they are released, why wouldn't they release them before they are actually suppose to be released. That's all today on Fast Lane Daily hosted by Derek D, who didn't see his shadow this morning!
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Tags accident, acura, acura ilx, automotive, bam, bmax, car, car in pool, cars, commercials, darth vader, derekd, derek d, dog, ford, ford bmax, lexus commercial, lexus gs, news, strikes back, superbowl commercials, volkswagen, vw

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