5 Things I Love About My McLaren 675LT Spider


Having never filmed a "5 Things I Love About..." with my 675LT Coupe, it made absolute sense to do one now that my Spider is already reaching 5,000 miles on the clock, it's also the latest addition to the garage.

It's not a surprise that I'll get the list started with the colour, my custom creation of Orion Purple with MSO and how the car is finished with satin carbon fibre and the silver wheels. Next up it's the excitement of driving a car like this with a roof that can be stowed away, and even if it's raining you can just lower the rear window. Third let's roll with "because racecar" - the technology that's present in this machine from McLaren's racing exploits is fairly incredible. The penultimate thing I love is the carbon tub which enables the race like experience in a car without a roof by retaining so much of the rigidity. Finally, the looks! This is a proper supercar.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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