2013 Maserati MC Stradale, Pagani Cheated Top Gear Test, KTM X-Bow GT, & New Volvo Safety Tech!

Maserati has updated their MC Stradale and now it can fit 4 people, more from Geneva when it is revealed! Pagani basically lied about their lap time on the Top Gear test track because they replaced the original tires, KTM debuts a more refined version of its X-bow and by refined we mean a better road-going version, and Volvo has a safety feature that will control light hitting other cars when you have your high beams on (How? We don't know.). That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Have a great weekend everybody!
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Tags 2013, fld, ktm x bow gt, maserati mc stradale, pagani, top gear, volvo safety

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