2013 Honda Accord "Concept", Fiats sexy 500 Abarth Priced, Goodbye knobs, & a Fan Video!

Honda says, hey Detroit, look at our new Accord "Concept" (I hope they don't notice we didn't change anything), Fiat specs and prices the badass little 500 Abarth, and the car industry is slowly pushing the button on buttons, knobs, and switches (pun intended). Plus we have a fan video mash up of the famous "JF voice", and a link to our good buddies live YouTube webcast. That's all today on you're favorite, not like other car shows, car show, Fast Lane Daily. Hosted by Derek D.
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Duration 06:20
Series Automotive
Tags audi, automotive, buttons, cars, comedy, derekd, detroit auto show, fiat, fiat 500 abarth, honda accord, honda concept, jalopnik, jf voice, knobs, naias, news, switches

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