How fast could a Tesla Roadster Hit 60 MPH on Mars?


If SpaceX Sent A Roadster To Mars, How Fast Could It Hit 60 MPH?
SpaceX sent a Tesla Roadster out into space on the Falcon Heavy, and it did not land on Mars. Which begs the question, if a new Tesla Roadster was on Mars, how long would it take the Roadster to accelerate to 60 MPH?

Okay, so maybe it doesn't beg the question, but you're probably at least mildly curious to find out at this point. We'll need to determine the frictional coefficient of the Tesla Roadster's tires (and assume we'll be driving on pavement on Mars, or something with similar grip to asphalt), and then apply this to a vehicle accelerating on a planet with a fraction of the gravity of planet Earth. What's the result? Check out the video to find out!

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Duration 03:59
Posted Mar 22, 2018
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