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Chronological Automotive photos :

The NASCAR press conference panel Travis Kvapil, 2003 CTS champion
John Dunlap and Keith Green, the PR Directors from Dover International and Richmond International speedways  Dunlap announced he is moving to Nextel Eiron Jones and Julie Giese, the PR Managers from Nazareth and Watkins Glen speedways
Drag racing photographer Richie Grunert Motorsport.com's Greg Gage and Tom Chemris with Junie Donlavey
Motorsport.com contributors Joe Jennings, Dave Reininger and Pat Jennings Greg Gage with the father and son team of Joe and Pat Jennings
NASCAR's Jim Hunter was the keynote speaker for the awards dinner Saxton (right) present the Art McHugh award to Andy Belmont for working tirelessly behind the scenes to support the organization
Joe Amato gets inducted into the EMPA Hall of Fame Junie Donlavey (right) presents the
Motorsport.com's Tom Chemris wins 2 first place awards in journalism Bob Yurko, EMPA's Photo Chairman, displays his award winning entry in the Pure Art category
Todd Dziadosz colorful photo entry of Ron Capps won best in show Richie Grunert had a wonderfully nostalgic entry featuring funny car legend
Motorsport.com's Tom Chemris and Greg Gage display their awards Greg Gage with Junie Donlavey
Dodge Tomahawk Dodge Tomahawk
Dodge Tomahawk Audi R8
SCCA Pro Rally Subaru WRX WRC 03' Subaru
Volkswagen Concept R Dodge Neon SRT4
Dodge Racing Chevy Corvette C5R
Chevy Corvette C5R Old Oldsmobile
Acura HSC Concept Audi Le Mans Quattro Concept
Saturn Red Line Ion Saab Aero
Porsche Carrera GT Under the bonnet of the Carrera GT
Cockpit of Audi R8 Audi R8
Porsche Turbo Cab Pontiac GTO
Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO
Lamborghini Gallardo Mercedes-Benz SLR
Mercedes-Benz SLR Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar
Mini Cooper S Air Ride F-150