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Michael Schumacher world championship F1-2000 on display with Risi Competizione 458 Italia Grand Am car F1 simulator
Fans of all ages clamored to get close to Sebastian Vettel's 2010 world championship RB6 Red Bull F1 car on display
1980 McLaren M29C originally campaigned by Alain Prost 2011 spec Lotus Renault on display at Formula Expo
1975 March 751 Formula 1 car originally campaigned by Hans Stuck Mario Andretti's 1978 world championship Lotus Type 79 John Player Special
Lotus Type 79 driven to a world championship by Mario Andretti Up close and personal with Sebastian Vettel's 2010 world championship Red Bull RB6
1980 Ferrari 312T5 cockpit
Ian Weightman, Formula Expo creator and promoter
1980 Ferrari 312T5 on display Lineup of Historic Grand Prix Formula 1 cars