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Another restored veteran of the infamous The old race cars rarely stayed pretty by themselves.  We look forward to this one's restoration.
Really small cars.  Diecasts abounded on the memorabilia side of the hall. 3/4 Midget driven to many victories in the 1960s and 1970s by Bob Dini, Tony Romit and Johnny Coy.  The Crosley engine hangs off the right side, unlike the left for Supermodifieds.
Lou Volk, Babe Bower and Art Cross drove this Midget built by the Weaver Brother 1937 Ed Lilly raced this 1936 Plymouth at Dorney Park Speedway from 1971 through 1982, winning the championship in 1980
Flathead powerplant in the Weaver Midget Offy-powered Midget driven by Dutch Schaefer
You can find big racers as well as big engines.  Everyone loves Monster Trucks. Vic Cesare drove the #31 at Harmony Speedway, a 5/8 mile dirt
Ken Erney's #3 Sportsman, also a regular at Dorney Park.  The 1/5 mile paved oval ran from 1939 to 1986. A 4C Super Modified, 5/8 the size of a full Super.
The 4C Super's 600 cc motorcycle hangs off the side, just like the big ones Fans meeting their favorites in the main autograph line
#11 Street Stock driven by Carl Thomas, 2009 Wall Stadium Champion NASCAR star Hermie Sadler signs an autograph out on the show floor
I don't think this young man approves of the color they painted this car. The most important parts: brain buckets and HANS devices
The show is also about parts, not just whole cars. Gary Wolford drove this classic modified at Reading Fairgrounds.
Bobby Abel build this flathead Ford for Wolford's car. A classic upright Midget at the Atlantic Coast Old Timers display
Another Midget displayed by ACOT Something a little bigger at the ACOT display:  a
Bobby Gerhart and Charlie Bailey drove this car at Langhorne in the early 1960s as Bob Wertz's #57.  Russ Smith now owns it. Jack Tant and Clayton Mitchell's 1936 Chevy Coupe, driven by
Wayne Reutimann's somewhat newer modified A NASCAR Whelan Modified.  You can see these run all along the east coast
A NASCAR Camping World Truck Series truck.  You can see these run all over the US, including Darlington, the granddaddy of NASCAR super speedways It says 51 and Rahmer.  But it's kind of small.  Not Fred's Sprint car, but a Tobias SpeedSTR
Another 4C Super.  Check their web site (see banner) for schedule. Sidwinder engines are popular in all kinds of cars
Another sidewinder.  But did they really have to cut the bodywork in half? Sean Campbell runs this Super Sportsman at Williams Grove Spedway
Frankie Herr's #99 also appears at the Grove Lincoln Speedway looks forward to another great season of Saturday Nights
You can see both Izod Indy Cars and NASCAR Sprint Cup on the road course at Watkins Glen Don't like big race cars?  They come in small sizes, too.
You can get them really small, too. Sometimes those small cars just need to be stacked up
If you like them small but with fenders, Kenny Van Wickle's Legends car might appeal Suicide doors add a touch of class to Legends
Like straight line racing?  Craig Fulmer's 48 Fiat AA/FA is as pretty as they come. The 400 cubic inch aluminum block powerplant is blown and alcohol injected.  And the headers make a dandy foot rest - when cold.
Very cool the way that the hood on some dragsters is the whole car. Nothing like a big engine with a big blower on top.
Karts are another great form of racing. Will anyone pay attention to the yellow sticker?