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Most recently uploaded Automotive photos:

#6 Swift DB4 Formula Atlantic, at Eastern Motor Racing Association display Tom Skinner's 659 Chevy Coupe
1966 Trevis Sprint Car Alyssa Sharman, contestant for Ms. Motorsports 2006
Ken Brenn Midget, driven by Len Duncan to the 1964 ARDC Championship Kodak Easyshare DORAN JE4 Ford #77
Kluth Motorsports #44 If not, maybe this NPS Racing 600 RR micro sprint engine will fit
Ferrari Formula 1 Miniature NASCAR Cup engine, being raffled by the Syracuse Quarter Midget & Microrod Club
Jason Barger's #32 Silver Crown car.  Another endangered car, but plans are afoot to keep them running. Jake Cummins' Funny Car - engine in the front
Or maybe just get a more laid back cart Wonder if this Bullet-built V8 will fit in that cart
Need a golf cart? Scott Glover will drive the #14 358 Sprint Car at Lincoln Speedway this season
Matt Mountz's #94.  We love those offset engines. A view of Jerry's #47 with right side sheetmetal removed.  Jerry is the reigning 358 Champion at Orange County.
Jerry Higbie built this #47 Modified, and will drive it at Middletown this season for car owner Dale Shaver. Want even more elbow room?  Get a drag bike
Want something with elbow room?  Get a racing kart Need a place to stay at the races?  Get yourself one of these
The Ice Cream World Express - and they do mean express! They used to put those drag engines in the front
Bob Kodadek's Super Comp dragster, powered by a 502 big block Chevy Fans pore over the Doran Racing #77
Fred Rahmer will drive Jim and Sandy Kline's #22 Super Sprint this season Joe Harz's #88 Super Sprint.  Fred Rahmer drove this car to track championships at Lincoln and Williams Grove in 2005.
Lisa Breeden, contestant for Ms. Motorsports 2006 A dirt modified stripped down to the tubes
Mike Roselli's #198 Silver Crown car.  This species is endangered by the new all-pavement streamlined Silver Crown series. Wayne Weaver's #12W.  Currently runs with the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club
Quarter Midgets in a life-like pose Quarter Midget
A TQ without the body TQ - a three-quarter midget.  See it run at Atlantic City this weekend.