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PARK RIDGE, N.J., June 28, 2000 - To accelerate sales of home entertainment products in tandem with the fastest growing sport in the U.S., Sony is moving into high gear by teaming with NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. The flag drops July 1 when the...

PARK RIDGE, N.J., June 28, 2000 - To accelerate sales of home entertainment products in tandem with the fastest growing sport in the U.S., Sony is moving into high gear by teaming with NASCAR driver Robby Gordon.

The flag drops July 1 when the Sony Tech Pit makes its debut at The Daytona Motor Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. for the Pepsi 400. The Tech Pit will then appear at 17 Winston Cup circuit races. Sony¹s exhibit will feature a fast-moving sensory experience, giving fans the opportunity to interact with Sony products, and present the many ways to assemble their own home entertainment system, and enjoy the thrills of home theater demonstrations in Dolby DigitalŒ surround sound. The exhibit will also include computer simulated races, a Sony showcar and feature personal appearances by Robby Gordon at events. Fans will also be introduced to Sony Digital Imaging Solutions and Xpl_dŒ car audio systems. Gordon¹s Ford Taurus and his uniform will also carry the Sony logo.

The driving force behind building brand loyalty among the race crowd is the Sony Tech Pit - a 60-by-80-foot mobile road show engineered to give fans a front-row seat for an interactive, souped-up look at the latest products geared for the ultimate home entertainment experience. The Sony Tech Pit is designed to introduce fans to the many ways they can incorporate the latest home entertainment products into their lifestyle. The six primary display areas include:

O TRINITRON³ WEGAŒ TV TUNNEL TURN: Fans navigate through a display of "Flat-Out-Better" WEGA TV technology on a run through a tunnel turn tour of Sony technology. The excitement builds as a surround sound presentation begins with a one-minute highlight video of Robby appearing simultaneously on the 13-inch WEGA TV on up to a 36-inch screen size, so all 15 WEGA TVs and the entire tunnel is exploding with sound and color.

O REGISTRATION: Once through the tunnel, fans dial-in and complete a computer self-registration on one of nine PCs to receive information on Sony products.

O SONY DIGITAL IMAGING STATION: Turning the corner, fans can catch Robby Gordon at a standstill. To take home a personalized souvenir using Sony Digital Image technology, fans can take a photograph and receive a digital photo on a floppy disk of them and the star in the Sony Showcar and order reprints from the Sony ImageStationSM service.

O SONY-POWERED RACE STATION: Fans will experience the thrills of racing on a computer-simulated game, as they compete head-to-head with other players. The race to the finish can be viewed on the Sony KP-61S75 big-screen TV. In addition, there will be guest appearances and autograph sessions by Robby Gordon.

O HOME ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY: Fans will proceed through an exhibit area that features some of the many ways they can build their own home theater system. Also, to showcase the lifestyle appeal of the Sony DVD DreamΠSystem, the unit is featured in bedroom, college dorm room, and studio apartment settings.

O HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE: To round out the experience, fans can enjoy the ultimate sensory experience when color, sound, speed, and power are showcased on Sony high-end A/V equipment. The exhibit will feature 65-inch KW-65HD1 high-definition TVs, one on either side of the theater, with widescreen display, reference standard DVD Player, and amplifier.

"We are confident that our affiliation with the sport will fuel brand exposure among fans of the premier racing circuit in the nation for Sony home entertainment products," said Tim Alessi, Director of Sony Electronics¹ Television Marketing Group. "Racing fans appreciate performance on and off the track, and desire a superior level of performance that only Sony can provide for all their entertainment needs."

"With Robby at the wheel, we are confident we are on the right track in building brand identity with NASCAR fans and increasing exposure of Sony home entertainment gear."

According to a sports study by Paul Kagan Associates, by 2001 NASCAR is expected to surpass the National Hockey League and become the fourth-highest grossing professional sports property in the U.S., and by 2006, generate nearly $3.5 billion in revenue. Attendance for NASCAR reached record levels last year, with more than 6.3 million fans turning up for races at venues across the country.

"The alignment with Sony allows me an opportunity to work with the leader in home entertainment, today and tomorrow," said Robby Gordon. "It is a unique alliance that I think will help Sony continue to outperform the field."

"When we approached Sony, we felt that Robby and NASCAR was a natural fit," said Kevin Weinhoeft, CEO, Boulder Marketing Agency. "Sony was revved up at the concept and we then went full speed ahead in designing a fun and educational way to turn fans on."

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