SBRS: Skip Barber Racing School unveils Mont-Tremblant program

Skip Barber Racing School at le Circuit Mont-Tremblant unveils its program of racing activities for 2002. Mont-Tremblant/Saint-Jovite, Québec, April 30, 2002 - Richard Spénard, Director of Canadian Operations for Skip Barber Racing School, ...

Skip Barber Racing School at le Circuit Mont-Tremblant unveils its program of racing activities for 2002.

Mont-Tremblant/Saint-Jovite, Québec, April 30, 2002 - Richard Spénard, Director of Canadian Operations for Skip Barber Racing School, today unveiled Skip Barber's 2002 program of activities for its Mont-Tremblant school. At a news conference, Spénard introduced his race-instructor staff to the members of the motorsports media and announced that the Mont-Tremblant affiliate will be the only Skip Barber Racing School in North America to exclusively use the R/T 2000 single seater for its three-day instructional program.

"Being involved in a venture of this magnitude is a big challenge, but when Michael Culver, President and CEO of Skip Barber, approached me at the end of last year, I didn't hesitate a moment before accepting the offer," remarked Spénard. "I knew how serious this company is about racing and I felt that it posed some interesting long-term opportunities. Even though they gave me a fancy title, I'm a hands-on person and I plan to be deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, as I was when I had my drivers' school in Shannonville. Some drivers go to a racing school for the pleasure of it. Others go because this is where they start learning the basics of their motor-racing career. Both of these types of students are very serious in their approach, even though their goals are different, and it's very important for us to give these people our full time and attention."

The racing instructors recruited by Spénard for Mont-Tremblant's Skip Barber School, are seasoned drivers who have compiled an impressive record in their respective motorsports careers. Jean-François Veilleux, one of the instructors, will be a close associate of Spénard and throughout the summer, he will also work closely with instructors Claude Bourbonnais, Jean-François Dumoulin, Sylvain Champoux and Martin Roy. Spénard also introduced Robert Desrosiers, Sales/Marketing Director for Skip Barber Canada and Patrice Marchessault, a teaching specialist for the Corporate Racing Program.

"All of the members of my team are professionals who are experts in their respective fields," noted Spénard. "Mont-Tremblant's Skip Barber School will be able to meet the demand because this year we have set aside 45 days of track time for our three-day instructional programs, our advanced two-day technical driving program, lapping/practice sessions and corporate racing program. It's certainly noteworthy that the Skip Barber School at Mont-Tremblant will be the only one this summer to conduct its three-day school with the R/T 2000 single seater."

The three-day racing schools will be run on May 3 and 27, July 15, August 12 and September 18. The other two- or three-day dates for the school's other programs are May 6 and 30, June 13, July 12 and 29, August 1 and 15 and September 21. Information on all Skip Barber activities can be obtained by contacting Robert Desrosiers at 514-708-2235.

Unlike the American-based Skip Barber schools where the three-day racing school is conducted with the wingless Formula Dodge, the Mont-Tremblant school will exclusively use the R/T 2000 single seater equipped with front and rear wings. The car is powered by a 16-valve, 2-litre production, 4-cylinder Dodge engine tuned to deliver 150 bhp at 5,800 rpm with the rear wheels driven through a Gemini 5-speed sequential gearbox.

"Our students will be able to hone their driving skills in a very up-to-date race car developed by Skip Barber Racing School, Reynard Motorsport and the Dodge division of DaimlerChrysler AG, and this is one of the major resources that sets apart from the competition," stated Spénard.

Skip Barber is the world's largest racing and driving organization, catering to race enthusiasts as well as those looking to hone their street driving skills. In operation for over 25 years, Skip Barber has grown to offer a range of automotive entertainment, education and competition. The organization operates at more than 20 of North America's premier racetracks. It's highly successful Dodge/Skip Barber Driving School operates from five base locations.

Many of the world's most famous racecar drivers have trained at Skip Barber. Among the illustrious list of graduates is CART's second winningest driver, Michael Andretti, four-time NASCAR Winston Cup Champion, Jeff Gordon, and former Indy 500 and CART Champion and now Formula 1 superstar, Juan Pablo Montoya. In 2001, the Skip Barber Racing School became the official racing school of CART. Log on at for information on school activities or to follow Skip Barber amateur or professional race series.


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