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AMSTERDAM, N.Y.--(AutomotiveWire)--Nov. 14, 2001--On September 26, 2001, Safari Associates, Inc., (OTCBB:SAFR) demonstrated that its Molecuthane(TM) energy dampening soft walls can reduce deaths and injuries caused by motor sports drivers ...

AMSTERDAM, N.Y.--(AutomotiveWire)--Nov. 14, 2001--On September 26, 2001, Safari Associates, Inc., (OTCBB:SAFR) demonstrated that its Molecuthane(TM) energy dampening soft walls can reduce deaths and injuries caused by motor sports drivers crashing into concrete walls at high speed.

They did this in a controlled, monitored crash of a racing vehicle into a Molecuthane(TM) soft wall at the Indianapolis Speedrome. Molecuthane is an amazing, new material with unique energy dampening properties which tremendously reduces impact G-force.

Race cars are fast, but not faster than a speeding bullet.
Today, Safari announced that it has granted Archangel International, Inc. of Warwick, New York, an exclusive worldwide distributorship for the use of Molecuthane energy dampening inserts in bulletproof body armor. Whether it is protecting a race driver by reducing the impact G-force of a 200 mph crash, or protecting law enforcement agents or military personnel by dampening the energy of a bullet slamming into body armor, Molecuthane is being recognized worldwide as the most energy absorbent material/technology ever developed.

Molecuthane motor sports soft wall.
Safari's recent motor sports soft wall test, monitored by GMH Engineering of Oren, Utah, a leading forensic engineering firm, concluded that the expected G-force from the crash was reduced by more than 70%. As an extra precaution, Brian Van Deman, president of No Limit Racing Adventure, who drove a NASCAR-type truck into a section of the track's concrete wall covered by Safari's Molecuthane(TM) soft wall, also wore Safari Molecuthane(TM) harness pads. After the crash, Van Deman said, "It was really amazing. I felt the impact, but it was much less than I anticipated. It was a fraction of the force I expected. I used Molecuthane(TM) harness pads also, and felt nothing in my shoulders or collarbone. I would normally have been bruised or injured to some degree."

Kelly Racing, a leading IRL racing team, having tested Safari Molecuthane(TM) harness pads is now cooperating with Safari in the development of other Molecuthane(TM) products for use in the auto sports industry. Sanctioning bodies are currently testing Molecuthane(TM) for a myriad of possible uses in the auto sports industry. Morton Berger, president of Safari Associates, Inc., said that "the Safari Molecuthane non-rebounding, reusable soft wall with its multiple air valves that prevent bounce, its various molecularly cross-linked layers of Molecuthane which absorb, dampen and distribute impact and reduce G-forces in excess of 70%, all sandwiched between its newly developed super hard plastic with an extremely low coefficient of friction, is a fully developed product, ready for immediate installation at auto race tracks. As far as made known, I firmly believe that our soft wall meets the "wish list", specifications and criteria mentioned by every governing body in the auto racing industry. Molecuthane(TM), unlike other dampening materials being tested for soft walls, does not lose its unique qualities after being subjected to the G-forces resulting from high-impact crashes. Our soft wall can save lives and prevent serious injuries that happen all too often when speeding race cars hit the unforgiving concrete walls. Our marketing plans are moving forward as the Safari Molecuthane(TM) soft wall is now developed, proven and ready for installation."

Molecuthane body armor inserts. About the same time that Safari was demonstrating its soft wall, Walter Dubuque, vice president of Archangel International, Inc., 314 South Route 94, Warwick, New York a manufacturer and distributor of bulletproof body armor, was testing Molecuthane(TM) inserts with body armor to determine whether they would prevent the blunt force trauma injuries suffered by law enforcement and military personnel who are struck by a bullet that does not penetrate their body armor. Walter Dubuque, known for his expertise in body armor and anti-terror techniques, was astounded by the results of his tests. On November 8, 2001, Safari Associates entered into a three-year contract with Archangel International, Inc., by which it granted Archangel an exclusive worldwide right to distribute Molecuthane(TM) inserts to law enforcement and military agencies and to other manufacturers of body armor. Berger said that "I'm pleased that Molecuthane inserts will be distributed by a company with the expertise of Archangel International." Berger also said that "Safari plans to be in full production of its Molecuthane(TM) body armor inserts within one hundred twenty (120) days."

More About Archangel International, Inc.
The officers, directors and other personnel of Archangel are former military personnel who are recipients of some of the highest government and defense decorations. They are not only manufacturers and worldwide distributors of body armor but are also industry leaders in providing security, intelligence and special operations services to the executive levels of government and private industry. Archangel has a contract with the United States Coast Guard to teach advance protection of maritime assets and bomb threat management.

The contract between Safari Associates and Archangel International provides for the minimum purchase of 100,000 Molecuthane(TM) inserts during the first twelve months after Safari commences production and increases 10% each year thereafter for the next two years. Berger said that he is optimistic about the future of Molecuthane(TM) in the auto racing industry, law enforcement, military and wherever the dampening of high-impact forces for safety and comfort purposes are required.

This is the first distribution agreement that Safari has entered into requiring the production of what Safari believes will be an infinite variety of Molecuthane(TM) products. The contract, which can amount to approximately $10,000,000 in sales during the first year after it establishes production, is Safari's largest undertaking since its inception in 1980.

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