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Latest picture on my screen saver 2012-12-29: Motorsport.com art director Eric Gilbert presents the photos that he actually uses as screen savers (and that he has actually shot, also). Enjoy!

McLaren P1 North American presentation, Miami, 2012-12-10

One last installment of my 'Latest picture on my screen saver' before the year is over. This one is fairly different since it was not shot at a race event but at a 'street' car presentation. I'm using the 'street' descriptor in a fairly open way here, as I really don't know who wants to drive the $1.5M McLaren P1 on a normal road. Picture yourself stressing out driving the P1 on the Place de La Concorde cobblestone or in the Tokyo traffic, for instance. Just insane. Nope, apart from a few joy rides once in a while, this car almost belongs in a living room, like a piece of contemporary sculpture.

At any rate, whether its lucky (few) owners will want to race them, joy ride them or simply look at them, the McLaren P1 is a spectacular machine, from every angles. I especially like this direct overhead bird-eye view of the monster, as this angle really shows how its lines are both simple and elaborate at the same time. An incredible piece of industrial design. And yes, orange is definitely 'its' color: I think that as a Ferrari should always be red, a McLaren road car should always be orange.

For more photos of the McLaren P1 North American presentation, click here.


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