Motorsports Sponsorship Seminar Scheduled

Motorsports Sponsorship Seminar To Be Held at LCCC By Dino Oberto (Nanticoke, PA 10-14-99) Motorsports marketing expert Ernie Saxton of Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc., of Langhorne, in conjunction with the Motorsports Technology class at ...

Motorsports Sponsorship Seminar To Be Held at LCCC By Dino Oberto

(Nanticoke, PA 10-14-99) Motorsports marketing expert Ernie Saxton of Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc., of Langhorne, in conjunction with the Motorsports Technology class at Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) located in Nanticoke, is proud to announce the first ever Motorsports Sponsorship Seminar held in northeast Pennsylvania.

This very informative seminar is specifically geared to help race drivers of all classes of cars take the proper steps towards attaining sponsorship for their race teams.

The event will take place at LCCC on Sunday, November 14 beginning at noon.

With the right sponsorship you can go a long way and exposure is the name of the game. One of the leaders in helping short track racers pursue the necessary funds is Ernie Saxton. Saxton Communications is a professional marketing & communications service specializing in motorsports and automotive aftermarket. Saxton carries with him a wealth of knowledge in the field of motorsports sponsorship and according to him, now is the time to start looking into next year. For the past 15 years, he has published a monthly newsletter on marketing and sponsorship in motorsports entitled Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News. He is also president of the Eastern Motorsports Press Association.

"If your going after a sizeable or lucrative sponsorship, the first one out the door, or the first one knocking on the door and the first one getting their foot in the door is usually the one who is going to be in the drivers seat. Right now though you may find it hard to believe, there's companies out there putting together and finalizing their budgets and ideas and getting their people to put numbers together for the year 2000 and beyond. The teams that have their proposals and numbers in place are the ones who are going to get the sponsorship," said Saxton.

Motorsports has evolved into a highly technical and professional field. And at Luzerne County Community College they have the answer in their highly touted Motorsports Technology course.

In 1975, the school started an Automotive Technology program and by 1993 enrollment had swelled to over 300 students. The Motorsports Technology curriculum was created one year later by a group of dedicated professionals in the high performance field. It is designed to prepare students to gain a basic knowledge of the motorsports industry through study. What started out with just twelve students has now grown to over 100 currently and there seems like no end in sight as to its growth. It is one of 38 Technical Career programs offered at LCCC.

Although several colleges now present similar courses, at the time when LCCC started the program, it was the first school in the country to offer an associate degree in motorsports technology.

"We feel this seminar is an excellent opportunity for both our students and the entire racing community to get educated on the proper aspects of racing sponsorship," said Bob Komnath, director of the Motorsports Technology class at LCCC. "Our students learn all they can on the technical aspect of motorsports but with today's highly competitive world of racing, gaining the right sponsorship is just as important for those wishing to make a career in this field.

We're excited to have Mr. Saxton come here (LCCC) and conduct this seminar which is going to be so very beneficial to everyone."

Joining Saxton for the seminar will be noted northeast PA motorsports journalist Dino Oberto. Oberto has many years of experience in calling races from behind the microphone at a variety of area race tracks and pens a weekly motorsports column for the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise. He is the public relations director for Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton and is a member of the Eastern Motorsports Press Association.

The seminar is scheduled for two hours or more of everything you need to know about sponsorship on a local and regional basis.

The cost is $69.95, however all students of LCCC will be given a 20% discount. Every participant will also be given a voucher for $20.00 off the price of a 3-lap ride for the Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway. A tour of the Motorsports Technology classroom and workshops will also be included.

Saxton has helped many get the edge through sponsorship. But, there is much more info that can be obtained by attending this seminar on what can be done for your race team.

You must register in advance. There will be no registration at the door. Deadline for signing up is November 5. All those planning to attend should contact Saxton by telephone at 215.752.7797 or fax him at 215.752.1518. You can also reached him by email at: or visit his website at Your payment can be mailed to 1448 Hollywood Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047-7417.

Sponsorship help materials, sponsorship kits and more, will be made available at the seminar for a special price of 15% off when orders are taken at show.

For more information on the Motorsports Technology Program, LCCC can be contacted at 1-800-377-LCCC, ext. 383.

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