Motor Interactive forums are live, connect with car fans

Motor Interactive forums are live, connect with car fans
Mar 8, 2017, 2:49 PM

Internet forums are cool, so Motorsport Network built one for car fans everywhere.

Despite the Internet’s rapid evolution, some remnants of the 1.0 experience persist. But forums are great because they’re easy to use and connect large groups of like-minded people without the need for middle men (like us).

So Motorsport Network thought it wise to launch an automotive forum of our own, and so Motor Interactive was born.

Motor Interactive is a new, growing community designed not just for auto enthusiasts, but for transportation enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether your thing is racing cars, boats, planes, you will find people who share your interests.

Join the community

You’ll also find answers to your questions thanks to the community’s wealth of knowledge, as well as meet people in your area and around the world who think like you do. There’s no cooler feeling than discovering a fellow fan of your favorite car lives just around the corner, or that someone in Thailand also thinks British Racing Green is the best car colour ever.

As old school as they are, forums are still revered for their ease of use, so we’ve kept the traditional format and functionality old-schoolers are used to, but layered it with a more modern design and the latest social sharing tools to keep the rest of us engaged.

And because this is 2017, Motor Interactive is 100% mobile friendly. You can quickly and easily upload photos and videos from your mobile device and keep the conversation going while you’re on the go.

Last but not least, the man running the show for Motor Interactive is Rob Lay, who built FerrariChat into the #1 Ferrari forum in the world. This guy knows forums like Enzo knew sports cars; you’re in good hands with him as head moderator.

Visit Motor Interactive today and sign up for an account. There are thousands of people waiting to geek out with you about something – don’t keep them waiting.

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