Jacques Villeneuve to design virtual World Championship

With a declared passion for new technology that, along with his talents, has put him on the podiums of the world's most prestigious races, Jacques Villeneuve has always had a keen interest in video games and multimedia. Jacques Villeneuve...

With a declared passion for new technology that, along with his talents, has put him on the podiums of the world's most prestigious races, Jacques Villeneuve has always had a keen interest in video games and multimedia.

Jacques Villeneuve has always wanted to share his passion for motor sport through active personal participation in a project that embraces the world of virtual reality.

With a long-time determination to take part in creating and developing a demanding game, M. Villeneuve put together a team of fans and professionals to put his idea in action at the start of the millennium.

Determined to develop a game inspired by motor sport competition, the project turns out not to be just a simple partnership between a designer and a champion. It can only be complete with the active participation of Jacques Villeneuve from design to production.

His idea is to take the distinctive features of existing championship races and create the first virtual championship to boast worldwide recognition.

In fact, most automobile games are copies of existing championships and Jacques Villeneuve, the project originator, wanted to come up with an original idea for a single-seater car race as it might take place in 2010/2020. This projection allows for developing a worldwide following of Web fans.

The champion's ambitions are two folds: to create a new racing discipline, as well as to discover new talents.

In fact, the game will be truly innovative in automobile racing for all motor sport fans since it presents the idea of a unique world championship race, a collection of races recognized for the quality of their tracks, their difficulties and their strong points creating a "playing" field for the greatest competitors...

High level motor sport today still remains a privilege that many young talents cannot hope to attain, for lack of the technical or financial means that open the doors to a selective world. With this game, Jacques Villeneuve hopes to give everyone for whom driving school is an insurmountable barrier, that even today remains that first obligatory step towards trying out on world-class tracks, the chance to show their skills.

Jacques Villeneuve approached WEG and commissioned them to manage the project development. Their first task was to hold an international search to find the right partner to develop the game.

WEG and Jacques Villeneuve chose UBI SOFT thanks to its development team's remarkable drive and, of course, its proven experience in producing automobile simulation games.

The Virtual World Contest bears the most significant characteristics of each of the existing professional competitions, but innovates by adding new elements brought up in the analyses of motor sport experts and Jacques Villeneuve. The idea behind the game is to create a new discipline that envisions what a single-seater car race might be like in 2010/2020.

The concept gives players the chance to learn to drive a race car, and to discover what a professional racing driver experiences. In fact, it sets up a real driving school so players can sense the world of car racing with first-hand, step by step experience and face the difficulties of the different tracks, learning how to start, master breaking, taking curves, controlling their vehicles, all with Jacques Villeneuve's sound advice. The virtual school applies the same techniques taught in existing driving schools, making it easier for "budding" racing drivers to show their talents to the professionals.

The ultimate goal of the championship is to give all motor sport fans who have ever dreamed of driving a race car the chance to compete, and to allow the best players, trained by Jacques Villeneuve, to race against him on a track of their own choice.

Wanting to share his experience, his passion, and his enthusiasm for "creative sport," Jacques Villeneuve hopes to "design" better tracks using his combined experience from the many races he has run, set up nighttime races, and create races on oval tracks.

The most famous locations in the world have been chosen to give players the chance to drive in natural sites: The championship aims to offer players a virtual trip into the world of professional racing.

Jacques Villeneuve also wants to stress the qualities of a racing driver by putting in place fairer rules that will make the virtual championship unique, for example to reward a driver who starts in pole position.

Players will learn on tracks designed by Jacques Villeneuve, and his advice on racing will enhance the quality of the simulation as well as the game's realism. True interaction develops between the champion and the players through creation of the driving school and the ongoing exchange among competitors on the Web.

Thanks to technology developed by Ubi Soft, the game will have the latest in technical and graphics innovations that very few automobile simulation games have had so far. The plan is to wait until the end of the year 2001 for the official release, so the game's the technical level can be adapted to consoles that will be able to navigate on the Net.

Through its Internet site, Jacques Villeneuve and Ubi Soft will organize an on-line competition in order to elect the first virtual champion driver.

Competitors will be able to measure themselves against other players via the Internet. They will immediately enter competition with all of the other participants and be able to follow the selection of the continental and then world virtual driver in an on-line competition.

This will be complementary to the video game developed by Ubi Soft.

Players must first follow the race driving courses to get a driver's permit that allows them to participate in the competition.

As a historic event, the 20 best drivers in the world will assemble and race "Live" against Jacques Villeneuve on a new virtual track, created specially for this "special" race.

Following this important event, the first virtual champion driver title will be awarded.

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