Irwindale Speedway has 59th Annual Horseless Carriage Excursion Sunday

Pre-World War I vehicles to stage at the California track.

The 59th Annual Horseless Carriage Holiday Excursion will assemble at Irwindale this Sunday morning, December 28. This is a visual feast of the very early glory days of the automobile with hundreds of pre-war (that's WW1 by the way!) vintage automobiles rolling in and staging at Irwindale for their annual holiday run.

Featuring wonderful museum-quality automobiles powered by gasoline, steam and even kerosene, sporting nickel plating, wooden spokes, and brushed lacquer finishes in all their hand-cranked timeless brass-age beauty ... This is one of the largest events of its kind in the U.S. and each owner is their car's historian.

Get out to Irwindale early (gates open at 6am and the Excursion leaves for Pasadena at 10am), dress warm, bring a camera, bring the whole family, and step back into the past. Cost: $5 per carload donation (free parking). Celebrity sightings are optional.

Doug Stokes


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