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INDIANAPOLIS, May 12 -- McCormack Motorsports owner Dennis McCormack announced today that his Indy Racing G-Force Oldsmobile ...

INDIANAPOLIS, May 12 -- McCormack Motorsports owner Dennis McCormack announced today that his Indy Racing G-Force Oldsmobile #30 and his team's driver, Brandon Erwin of Denton, Texas, will be the centerpiece of a marketing and public relations program to promote the increased consumption of calcium-rich products.

The car, which is entered in the 85th annual Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway May 27, has been renamed the McCormack Motorsports/Team Calcium G-Force Oldsmobile #30.

Companies that supply or manufacture products that contain calcium will participate in the program on an exclusive, category-specific basis. Advertising on the car, personal appearances by the driver, show car appearances, printed marketing materials, retail promotions, bone-density tests and other components of a cooperative marketing and public relations campaign promoting the importance of calcium in everyone's diet, including meals served in the public school system, will be developed around the McCormack Motorsports/Team Calcium entry. In addition, 5 percent to 10 percent of all the participants' contributions towards the program will be earmarked for calcium research.

The announcement of the establishment of McCormack Motorsports' program was made in Washington, D.C. Thursday night during the Spring Meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). NCSL is the nation's leading voice for state government matters while providing executable models that become Federal programs. NCSL is expected to present a National Calcium Initiative Symposium at its annual meeting this August in San Antonio.

The National Calcium Initiative began in Indiana with the Indiana Calcium Initiative. In order to reduce the incidence of the diseases associated with calcium deficient diets, the State of Indiana has legislated a purchasing preference for calcium-fortified foods and beverages in all public institutions.

The model for the calcium initiatives was written by Dr. Trent Jones, chairman and chief executive officer of Cole Bros. All-Natural Spring Water, the only calcium-rich bottled water and one of McCormack Motorsports' associate sponsors. William C. Friend, Indiana State Representative from District 23, is the chairman of the Agriculture and International Trade Committee for the NCSL. Friend participated in the Indiana Calcium Initiative Symposium, spearheaded the calcium legislation in Indiana and is leading the charge at the national level via the NCSL.

The underwriting corporations of the Indiana Calcium Initiative were American Airlines, Cole Bros., Eli Lilly, General Mills, Indiana Coca-Cola Bottlers, Indiana Dairy Council, Indy Racing League, Kroger, Little Crow Foods, Mead-Johnson, Procter & Gamble Nutrition Institute, Ross Products Division, SmithKline Beecham and Yoplait.

"Calcium deficiencies are an epidemic in the United States," Dr. Jones noted. "Every age, gender, race and ethnic group in the United States is below the adequate intake of calcium set by the National Academy of Sciences. The National Osteoporosis Foundation predicts that osteoporosis alone costs us $38 million per day and is expected to balloon to over $164 million per day within 20 years.

"A myriad of diseases are associated with calcium-deficient diets," Dr. Jones added. "Most people think of osteoporosis first, but high blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, polycystic ovarian disease, PMS, postpartum depression and kidney stone formation are all associated with a lack of calcium in the diet."

McCormack said the Team Calcium program will have four primary goals: "We want to help increase awareness of the problem, increase the consumption of foods, beverages and supplements rich in calcium, promote the use of calcium-fortified products over non-fortified ones, and promote calcium supplements in diets when necessary," he explained.

To participate in the program, companies are asked to contact McCormack at the team headquarters: 1300 E. U.S. 136, Suite G, Pittsboro, Ind. 46167, telephone (317) 892-5550 and fax (317) 892-5511.

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