How well do you know your car tyres?

When it comes to car tyres, no-one likes to face it. We like to think one set of tyres will last us a lifetime. explain to us that the reality of it is, we need to check them a lot more often than we think. This is a little breakdown of everything you need to know about your car tyres: how to check your tyre pressure, looking for damage and repairs, using your spare tyre (and when), replacing your tyres, checking for winter tyres and checking your tread.


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We aren't talking checking these things every time you set off on a journey, but the longer journeys are always worth a check over.

Checking your tyre pressure: This is worth looking at before you set off on a long journey. The tyre pressure can be found on the inside of your fuel cap, on the inside of your door or in your car manual. At local garages or fuel stations you can get fill your tyres up and make sure they are drivable. To make sure they aren't too low, you should be able to push your foot into the tyre and them not squidgy. Don't pump them up too much as this could potentially cause your tyre to burst.

Damage and Repairs: Some local garages will give your tyres a quick look over for a small cost (or no cost at all) which is worth doing every now and again to make sure your tyres don't have any damage such as a slow puncture. This can't be seen and over time can cause your tyres more damage. Tyres don't need to be expensive and you can often get a good deal. It is also worth having a look for nails or glass stuck in your tyres that can cause it to go flat.

Checking your Tread: It is illegal to drive on your tyres if they have under a certain amount of tread left on them. The trick is, if you can stick your finger in between the tread, you still have enough on there to be safe. If not and the surface is smooth, your tyre needs replacing.

Using Spare Tyres: If you need to replace a tyre and your spare hasn't been used yet, make use and save yourself money. Often when it comes to the tread on your tyres, more than one needs doing at once so you could save on at least one. It is handy to have a spare in your boot just in case.

Winter tyres: Winter is the most important time for checking that your tyres are in great condition. With dangerous weather such as heavy rain and snow, you need to make sure they aren't going to let you down and keep you safe. Give them a quick look over, making sure the tread is fine, the tyre pressure is right and they isn't any damage to them or your wheel rims.

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