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Nancy Schilke - Pontiac, MI - The 20th annual Formula SAE (FSAE) competition was held from Wednesday, May 16th to Sunday, May 20th. The annual award banquet was held for the students on Sunday afternoon inside the ...

Nancy Schilke -

Pontiac, MI - The 20th annual Formula SAE (FSAE) competition was held from Wednesday, May 16th to Sunday, May 20th. The annual award banquet was held for the students on Sunday afternoon inside the Silverdome.

Raleigh Boreen, Saginaw Valley Region SCCA, opened the banquet by noting that in the 20 years of the competition, the event has grown from four universities to 105. Over the year, the event has truly become "International" with universities competing from Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States.

Cornell University FSAE Overall Winner. Photo: Nancy Schilke -

The keynote speaker was Michael J. Royce, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, who gave a brief talk of what FSAE is about for the students; how they were "winners" just by making it to the event, even if they were unable to compete in each event or finish each event. Royce hit on key elements of what the competition could mean to each student outside of the event: Hands-on experience, teamwork, and decision-making will aid them all in their prospective careers. He also touched on how important their life decisions will be not only in their careers but in their personal lives as well. Royce mentioned his own background which includes his active participation in Detroit Region - SCCA and the decisions made by his wife, Suzanne, and himself relating to their careers and their decision to put their family first. As the Chairman of the Rules Subcommittee, Royce touched lightly on how questions regarding the rules will be handled in the future via online communications with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Steve Daum, Manager of the Collegiate Programs in Educational Relations - SAE International, gave a brief background on the history of the FSAE and recognized the work put into the event by the Consortium Members, the Sponsors, the Rules Subcommittee, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Creative Consulting Services and EDS. Daum noted the UK Formula Student events and the first Formula SAE-Australasia held last Fall. <pre> AWARDS: (Representative from award sponsors shown in parenthesis)

Ricardo Powertrain Development (Peter Brown). Top three teams that exhibit the best powertrain system using development tools and strategies to improved performance. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - Rochester Institute of Technology; 3rd - University of Minnesota. Honorable Mention was given to the University of Florida.

Continental Teves Best in Class Brake System (Debra Bos). Top three teams that exhibit the best brake system. 1st - Rochester Institute of Technology; 2nd - Brown University; 3rd - University of Leeds

Visteon Powertrain Cooling System (Bill Borquez). Top three teams that exhibit the best powertrain cooling system. 1st - University of Akron; 2nd - Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute; 3rd - University of Leeds

Dynojet Research Highest Horsepower (Will Fong). Highest maximum horsepower achieved in both naturally aspirated and forced induction class. Naturally Aspirated winner (77.3 HP) - Ecole de technologie superieure Forced Induction winner (77.8 HP) - Carleton University

TRC Safety/Crashworthiness (Jeffrey Sprague). Top three designs that promote unique safety features that will improve a vehicles crash prevention and worthiness. 1st - University of Leeds; 2nd - University of Waterloo; 3rd - Michigan Technological University

Altair Engineering Best Use of Optimization in Design. Top two teams that utilize creative optimization CAE technologies and the effective implementation of the results. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - University of Leeds

Hawk Performance Outstanding Teamwork (Dick Golembiewski). Team that best exemplifies teamwork throughout the competition. In addition to a plaque, the winning team will also receive the "Petty Driving Experience" for two team members. Winner - University of Leeds (due to the their location, the school will be held at Rockingham, England).

Mechanical Dynamics Functional Digital Formula Car. Top three teams that utilize Functional Virtual Prototyping tools for design and dynamic performance evaluation. Winner - University of Leeds; 1st Runner-up - Michigan Technological University; 2nd Runner-up - University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Robert Bosch Corporation Engine Management System (Scott McNeil). Top three teams with the best engine management system. 1st - University of Wisconsin at Madison; 2nd - McGill University; 3rd - Cornell University

EDS Outstanding Sportsmanship (Beth Kirkpatrick). Team that exhibits the highest degree of sportsmanship. Winner - University of Pittsburgh. NOTE: Two examples that stood out were fine-tuning a fuel injection system for a competitor and donating an engine control unit to another competitor.

EVENT AWARDS: (presenters shown in parenthesis)

Aerotek Engineering Best Presentation: Best score in the presentation event. Rochester Institute of Technology

Cost Event: Best score in the cost event. University of Cincinnati

SAE Bookstore Perseverance: (Carroll Smith) Top five rookie teams with the highest overall points. 1st - Minnesota State University; 2nd - California State University-Long Beach; 3rd - University of Louisiana-Lafayette; 4th - Instituto Tecnologico de Chihuahua; 5th - South Dakota State University

William C. Mitchell Rookie: (Carroll Smith) Best finish for a first year entry. Winner - Minnesota State University

Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup Presented by SCCA: (Carroll Smith and Dennis Dean) To recognize an outstanding Formula SAE faculty advisor. Winner - Andrew Deakin; University of Leeds

Hoosier Tire Autocross: (Tom Reichel) Top three finishers in the autocross event. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - University of Missouri-Columbia; 3rd - Pennsylvania State University

Goodyear Best Performance: (Jim Choi) Top three teams with the highest combined score in the acceleration and skid-pad events. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - Ohio State University; 3rd - Rochester Institute of Technology

UGS Best Engineering Design: (Ed Arlin) Top three teams in the engineering design event. 1st - University of Waterloo; 2nd (tied) - Ecole de technologie superieure and Ohio State University

United States Department of Energy/Argonne National Lab M85: (David Livengood) Top five M85 finishers. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - California Poly State University-San Luis Obispo; 3rd - Georgia Institute of Technology; 4th - Oregon State University; 5th - University of Akron

United States Department of Energy/Argonne National Lab M85 Economy: (David Livengood) Best M85 Fuel Economy. Winner - California Poly State University-San Luis Obispo

Russell Racing School Dynamic-Performance: (Bob Klyver) Top three finishers in dynamic events. 1st - Cornell University; 2nd - University of Missouri-Columbia; 3rd - University of Texas-Arlington

Certificate of Accomplishment: Teams that successfully complete all events and do not finish in the top ten. 11th overall - University of Washington 12th overall - California Poly State University-San Luis Obispo 13th overall - Worcester Polytechnic Institute 16th overall - University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 17th overall - University of Cincinnati 19th overall - McGill University 20th overall - Michigan Technological University 21st overall - University of Texas-Austin 22nd overall - Clarkson University 26th overall - Queen's University 35th overall - Brown University

Spirit of Excellence: (Neil Schilke - 2001 SAE President; Raleigh and Velma Boreen - SCCA; Michael Royce - DaimlerChrysler; Dave Youngren - Ford; Alba Colon - General Motors) Top ten finishers overall. 1st - Cornell University 2nd - University of Missouri-Columbia 3rd - Ohio State University 4th - University of Wisconsin-Madison 5th - Texas A&M University 6th - Ecole de technologie superieure 7th - Dartmouth College 8th - University of Texas-Arlington 9th - University of Waterloo 10th - Clemson University

SAE Foundation Cup: (Neil Schilke) Presented to the Winner of the Formula SAE Competition recognizing excellence in project management, project development, engineering design, communication, teamwork, creativity and quality.


Team members: Michael Balent, George Barton, Jeff Curtis, Cyrus Dhalla, Jordan Eber, Keith Epstein, Matt Groves, Patrick Harcourt, Abdul Hashim, Phil Hodge, Yuki Ishida, Mike Jones, Roy Jorgenson, Pamas Khaimuk, Benjamin Kolp, Erich Leonard, Jen Lindsay, Ryan McBride, Ken McEnaney, Michael Nicholls, Matt Niles, Tim Reissman, Jeff Scarcella, Rob Shydo, Dan Smith, Steve Song, Alex Villagomez, Raina White, Lena Yim and Chady Zein.

Results by EDS and SAE (Revised 05-24-01)

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