Ford to power Arrows in 2001

Hockenheim (German Grand Prix): Niki Lauda, Chief Executive Officer of the Premier Performance Division, announced today that Cosworth Racing's CR-3 engine is to be used by the OrangeArrows F1 team from next season for two years. Using Cosworth ...

Hockenheim (German Grand Prix): Niki Lauda, Chief Executive Officer of the Premier Performance Division, announced today that Cosworth Racing's CR-3 engine is to be used by the OrangeArrows F1 team from next season for two years. Using Cosworth Racing and Pi Research technology, the Premier Performance Division will deliver the first engine to OrangeArrows with immediate effect. The engine will be the same specification as supplied to Jaguar Racing.

Niki Lauda said: "This deal with OrangeArrows is the first real product of what the Premier Performance Division is all about. In addition to Jaguar Racing, my responsibilities with the Premier Performance Division involve putting in place the building blo cks to enable Cosworth Racing and Pi Research to realise their full potential and to work together to best effect. Some people might question whether we should be supplying engines to other teams until Jaguar Racing starts winning races, but you mustn't fo rget the fact that Cosworth Racing do nothing else but racing -- that is their sole business -- unlike other engine manufacturers in Formula One who have not always specialised in the art of engineering F1 engines. This goes quite some way to explaining why these companies are reluctant to supply more than one team. In this case, I firmly believe that it's a way to move forward at a greater pace. In 1993, for example, Cosworth Racing supplied both Benetton and McLaren and I believe that the performance level of both the engine and the teams improved dramatically, culminating in Benetton winning the 1994 Formula One World Championship."

"We're delighted to have forged a partnership with the Premier Performance Division and its core companies, namely, Cosworth Racing and Pi Research", said OrangeArrows Team Principal, Tom Walkinshaw. "If you want to compete at the top level of Formula One these days it is essential to have a deal with a manufacturer as, even with the best aerodynamics and engineering in the world, you cannot compete against the top teams if you are down on power. The Cosworth V10 is superbly engineered and has proven its c redentials so we are looking forward to racing the new OrangeArrows A23 in 2002 with renewed relish."

The CR-3 engines supplied to Arrows will be designed, developed and manufactured at Cosworth Racing's facility in Northampton, together with the electronics from Pi Research. The CR-3, introduced this season, represents a new platform from which to push e ver further on peak power development. So far this season, a Series 2 and a Series 3 power upgrade has been introduced in the Jaguar Racing R2 car, as well as an increase in peak engine revs.

For Pi Research, it is the first time they have supplied a complete car electronic package to another F1 team other than Jaguar Racing. In addition, OrangeArrows will be running the same 2002 specification Pi-VCS (Vehicle Control System) as Jaguar Racing. Pi-VCS integrates engine, clutch, gearbox, and differential controls as well as comprehensive monitoring and telemetry systems. OrangeArrows are long standing customers of Pi Research and are already running Pi controls and data logging. From 2002, OrangeA rrows will join Jaguar Racing and the BMW WilliamsF1 Team in running the sophisticated 'Pi Digital Broadcast' radio telemetry system.

Niki Lauda was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Premier Performance Division in February this year. The Premier Performance Division is the motor sport arm of the Premier Automotive Group, the Ford Motor Company business group responsible for Jagua r, Aston Martin, Volvo, Land Rover and Lincoln.

Cosworth Racing employs 725 people at its Northampton (UK) headquarters and at its North American base in Torrance, California. The company became a wholly owned Ford Motor Company subsidiary in 1998 and has an annual turnover of $113m. Cosworth Racing sup plies racing engines to the Jaguar Racing Formula One team, the Ford World Rally Team and to CART and NASCAR.

Pi Group Ltd., whose motor racing products are supplied under the ^ÑPi Research' brand, is headquartered in Cambridge (UK) with a further three locations in the United States. The company was founded in 1986 and became part of the Ford Motor Company in 1999 . The company provides electronics for the automotive industry and is a supplier of data logging equipment and other advanced electronics to Jaguar Racing. Pi Group employs 275 people at its locations in the UK and the United States and has an annual turno ver of £30 million.



Designation: Cosworth CR-3

Number of Cylinders: 10

Vee Angle: 72 degrees

Number of Valves: 40

Capacity: 2998cc

Power Output: Not Disclosed

Maximum Engine Speed: 18000rpm

Construction: Cast Aluminium Alloy Block and Heads, Forged Aluminium Construction Pistons, Steel Crankshaft Construction

Engine Management: Pi Research

Lubrication System: Dry Sump

Ignition System: Cosworth Racing

Spark Plugs: Champion

Weight: 97kg (including ballast)


Length 569mm

Width 490mm

Height (inc. airbox) 490mm


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