DeWalt launches new paint scheme at Indianapolis

TOWSON, MD. (August 2, 2001) -- DEWALT will use their No. 17 sponsored Ford Taurus, driven by Matt Kenseth, to promote the 2001 new product launch. Beginning at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis, and continuing through Dover in September, the No....

TOWSON, MD. (August 2, 2001) -- DEWALT will use their No. 17 sponsored Ford Taurus, driven by Matt Kenseth, to promote the 2001 new product launch. Beginning at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis, and continuing through Dover in September, the No. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Ford Taurus will sport a new look. To the sponsor, DEWALT, this is probably the most important paint scheme the car will take on all year. The folks at the corporate office think the New Product car will look great on the track and even better in victory lane.

The marriage of DEWALT's new product launch and its NASCAR Winston Cup sponsorship is a match made in heaven. As Tim Speno, an Assistant Product Manager at DEWALT explained, "The launch of the new Next Generation CRP line of cordless drills is one of the largest in DEWALT's history. Tool users are always asking us what is new from DEWALT, so promoting the brand new line of cordless drills through Winston Cup racing gets the message out to hundreds of thousands of our target users."

"Being a sponsor in NASCAR sets us apart from the competition because they do not have the same 'reach' to their target user. The key to launching a product at DEWALT is to reach our user where he or she works, buys, plays, and learns. NASCAR Winston Cup racing is the preferred way to reach our users who like to play."

The car will display DEWALT's trademark yellow and black colors. It has a carbide tooth saw blade on the front and DEWALT's new 18 volt next-generation cordless drill on the rear quarter panels. Appearing on the trunk lid of the No. 17 will be one of their new pneumatic tools, their 15 gauge finishing nailer.

"It's a pretty cool car," stated driver Matt Kenseth. "I'm glad DEWALT is using our race car to advertise the new product launch. It's like a rolling display of all the hard work the people at DEWALT dedicate to the brand. That makes them an even better sponsor to work with because they are always trying to leverage their sponsorship to sell tools. I know they like to win too, so we are trying our best to win another for them soon."

The paint scheme is an integration of the new product line and the designs submitted through the DEWALT 2002 Paint Scheme contest. The winners were Robert Williams of Lutherville, MD and Brian Grossman of Cincinnati, OH.

How exciting is it for the fans to have input into a paint scheme? Just ask Robert Williams. "I am so excited. DEWALT itself inspired the car design. When I sat down and started thinking about DEWALT, I immediately thought of a circular table saw from years ago. I hope the saw blade can become a signature for DEWALT Racing."

Brian Grossman shares the same sentiments. "I went to the web site and started jotting down ideas. The drill idea came pretty easily because of its shape and because its a common tool, but I wasn't sure how to make it really 'pop' off the quarter panel. Then I noticed how well it worked with the rear quarter panel and made the drill more noticeable. It all seemed to work together and be something different from the other paint schemes I've seen. I think it also will be quite noticeable during the race and give DEWALT some great name recognition."

"We congratulate Robert and Brian, and thank the thousands of DEWALT supporters for their entry into our paint scheme contest this year," commented Jon Howland, Motorsports Manager of DEWALT. "One of our brand's characteristics at DEWALT is that we out perform our competition in every category of tools. We feel confident that with all of our end user research and manufacturing processes, our new tools will definitely be indicative of this particular characteristic. We hope that Matt Kenseth, Robbie Reiser, and the entire DEWALT Racing team out performs their on-track competition and puts the No. 17 DEWALT Ford in Victory Lane with the new paint scheme."

Today the DEWALT Power Tools line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including: drills and hammer drills; screwdrivers; circular, chop, miter, table, reciprocating, and jig saws; planers; impact wrenches; die, angle, and bench grinders; shears; nibblers; sanders; laminate trimmers; routers, and plate joiners. This year will be an exciting time for DEWALT as it offers its largest product launch ever - even greater than the initial product line introduction.


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