BMW Performance Center Driving School Opens

Drivers Can Hone Their Skills at New South Carolina Attraction WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ, January 6, 2000...Motoring enthusiasts can hone their driving skills at the new BMW Performance Center Driving School in Spartanburg, SC. Six one- and two-day...

Drivers Can Hone Their Skills at New South Carolina Attraction

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ, January 6, 2000...Motoring enthusiasts can hone their driving skills at the new BMW Performance Center Driving School in Spartanburg, SC. Six one- and two-day instructional programs, open to licensed drivers 18 years and older, are conducted by BMW-trained professional driving instructors in a fleet of BMW automobiles on a course designed expressly for driving instruction.

The new BMW Performance Center Driving School expands the unique automotive experience BMW offers in upstate South Carolina. At one location, a visitor can tour a $1.3 billion state of the art manufacturing facility, browse the Zentrum museum showcasing more than 75 years of BMW automotive and motorcycle history, and take delivery of a new BMW, in addition to the driving school.

The BMW Performance Center Driving School places emphasis on developing skills used in every-day driving conditions including active safety instruction and exercises. The state-of-the-art driving course features a unique water wall accident avoidance exercise area considered one of the most effective ways to simulate unforeseen obstacles. The water wall corridor, available on only a few road courses in the world, is an important tool in BMW's accident avoidance program. Other features of the driving course include a polished wet-surface 300 foot diameter skidpad to simulate icing and slippery surface conditions as well as sections for autocross and slalom programs.

There are 35 different course variations available on the .9 mile circuit that can expand to 1.7 miles using connecting roads designed to provide every day driving conditions. In addition, there is a 1.4 mile "Other Roads" course for the BMW X5 sports activity vehicle which will be introduced alter this year.

The BMW Performance Center is also home of the new Performance Center Delivery program. After purchasing a new BMW at authorized dealership anywhere in the US, a customer can take delivery of the vehicle at the Performance Center, an experience that includes overnight accommodation and meal for two, personalized factory and museum tours, a thorough introduction to the new vehicle and a hands-on driving experience. South Carolina is a great starting point for a driving vacation and the Performance Center Delivery staff can assist customers with travel information and packages.

"The BMW Performance Center is the only facility of its type, an ideal place to learn about BMW's rich heritage and experience what BMW ownership is all about," explained Tom Purves, chairman and CEO of BMW US Holding Corp. "The driving programs highlight the performance, responsiveness and safety features that come with BMW products in an environment rich in BMW culture."

At the school, drivers will receive instruction from professional driving instructors to develop, train and test their reflexes in everyday and emergency situations. The driving programs available include:

* New Drivers School - Newly licensed drivers will learn the basics about driving in this one-day program. Participants will practice car control techniques, accident avoidance and understanding stopping distances.

* Car Control Skills Clinic - Participants in this one-day program will practice accident avoidance on several areas of the Performance Center's driving course, including the water wall corridor, skid pad, slalom course, autocross circuit and lifestyle course. Participants are taught every thing from vehicle dynamics and the significance of weight distribution and seating positions to effective cornering under controlled and panic breaking situations.

* Advanced Car Control Skills Clinic - This two-day session picks up where the Car Control Skills Clinic ends. Participants will spend more time on the skid pad and learn and gain an in-depth hands on experience with active safety technology to become safer, more responsible drivers.

* M School - A one-day class utilizing the high-performance M3 and M roadsters. Participants will experience the dynamics of these high-performance vehicles and understand active safety features while maneuvering through the school's circuit. Emphasis is placed on car control techniques.

* M5 School - Beginning in November, this one-day class is included in the purchase price of the 2000 M5. Participants will maximize their driving skills on the Performance Center circuit, water wall corridor and skid pad to experience the performance and handling of the awesome M5.

* X5 School - Drivers will hone their skills with BMW's new sports activity vehicle, the X5, on an elaborate 1.4-mile "Other Roads" course utilizing a variety of stone, gravel, flooded road and rough road surfaces, narrow bridges, inclines and obstacles. The X5 school will begin in 2000. The programs range in price from $495 to $895. Unless noted, all class participants will be driving the 3 Series. Participants do not use their own vehicles.

More information on the BMW Performance Center Driving School is available through the Performance Center's toll free number, 888-345-4BMW (4269).

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