Area 27 set to be the largest race circuit in Western Canada

Area 27, the Jacques Villeneuve-design race circuit is set to be the largest in Western Canada.

Former Indy 500 winner and 1997 Formula 1 World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve, designed the 4.9-kilometre race circuit in South Okanagan, British Columbia.

Jacques Villeneuve designed the circuit at Area 27 to capture the essence of the Classic Grand Prix track and to instantly be recognized as a 'Driver's Track'. Classic elements combine to captivate, challenge and reward drivers of all skill levels.

Built to FIA Level 2 standards, modern features like asphalt run-off zones and gravel traps, along with 'soft' barriers, combine to promote the safest possible track day environment. Enthusiasts can comfortably explore the limits of even the most exotic performance machine.

It will be the only race track over three kilometre in length to be constructed to the west of Ontario. The next construction phase involves the installation of more than 16,000 tonnes of asphalt. The Area27 website provides a targeted opening date of “late spring or early summer 2016”.

Area 27 was founded in 2013 by Trevor Seibert, Jacques Villeneuve, Bill Drossos, and David King. Founding members include Les Cool, Daryl Carter, Gord Lindsay, Robert Sinneave, Robbie Dickson, Paul Neider and Brett Knelson.

Richard Spenard has been named as lead instructor and head of the Area 27 Driving Academy.


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