2009 SCCA Board and Committee appointments made

2009 SCCA Board and Committee Appointments Made TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 8, 2008) -- Sports Car Club of America's Board of Directors made its 2009 appointments for the various Boards and Committees that govern the 50,000-member organization. R.J.

2009 SCCA Board and Committee Appointments Made

TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 8, 2008) -- Sports Car Club of America's Board of Directors made its 2009 appointments for the various Boards and Committees that govern the 50,000-member organization.

R.J. Gordy was elected by his fellow directors to serve a third year as Chairman of the Board. John Sheridan also retained his position as Vice Chairman. New appointments to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors included Mike Sauce (Treasurer), Jerry Wannarka (Secretary) and Lisa Noble (Fifth Executive Committee Member).

A complete list of appointments for 2009 are as follows:

Board of Directors Appointments

Board of Directors Officers

Chairman: R.J. Gordy

Vice Chairman: John Sheridan

Secretary: Jerry Wannarka

Assistant Secretary: Robin Langlotz

Treasurer: Mike Sauce

Assistant Treasurer: Michael Lewis

Fifth Member Exec Committee: Lisa Noble

1st Alternate Exec Committee: Philip Creighton

2nd Alternate Exec Committee: Robin Langlotz

Board of Directors Liaisons

Solo Events Board: Lisa Noble, Robin Langlotz

Club Racing Board: Jerry Wannarka, Marcus Merideth

RoadRally Board: Howard Allen

Enterprises Board: Bob Lybarger

Stewards: Bob Introne

Court of Appeals: Howard Allen

SCCA Foundation: Michael Lewis

TTAC: Marcus Merideth

Regional Executive & Operations Liaison: Jim Christian

Board of Directors Committees

Budget & Finance: Mike Sauce, Michael Lewis, Bob Introne, Marcus Merideth, Phil Creighton

Compensation: John Sheridan (Chair), Mike Sauce, Bob Lybarger, Phil Creighton, Robin Langlotz

Director Dujour: Lisa Noble

Planning Committee: Jerry Wannarka (Chair), Jim Christian, John Sheridan, Mike Sauce, Lisa Noble, Michael Lewis

Race Track Committee: Bob Introne (Chair), Mike Sauce, Marcus Merideth, Howard Allen, Bob Lybarger

Subsidiary Boards

SCCA Foundation: Larry Dent, Doug Kinsinger, Lisa Noble, Bev Heilicher, Howard Allen, Colan Arnold (Staff Liaison)

SCCA Enterprises: Andy Porterfield (Chair), Chris Funk, VP Finance (Staff Liaison)

SCCA Pro Racing Board: Brian Holtz (Chair), Howard Allen, Cary Agajanian, Michael Lewis, Jeff Dahnert

Program Boards & Committees

Club Racing Board: Bob Dowie (Chair), Jim Drago, Chris Albin, Peter Keane, Russ McHugh, Dave Gomberg, Fred Clark

Executive Stewards: Ken Patterson (Chairman), Mike Engelke (Central), John Peterson (Great Lakes), Bob Eddy (Midwest), Gary Meeker (Northern Pacific), Tom Hoffman (Northeast), Anne Christian (Rocky Mountain), Rick Mitchell (Southeast), Barbara Knox (Southern Pacific), Tom Brown (Southwest)

Time Trials Administrative Council (TTAC): Tony Machi, Ed Settle, Dave Debrode, Matt Rowe, Josh Hadler, Ken Carter

National Administrators: Guy Ruse (Driver Licensing), Ann Hefty (Flagging & Communications), Leo Baker (Emergency Services), Marina Kraft (Race Administration), Wanda Cecil (Registration), Toni Creighton (Scrutineering), Wayne Briggs (Sound), Larry Kurkowski (Starters), Carla Heath (Timing & Scoring), Peter Hylton (Archivist/Historian), Gayle Lorenz (Grid/Pit), Dr. Jim Butler (Medical Administrator), Ed Zebrowski (Chief Driving Instructor)

Court of Appeals: Bob Horansky (Chairman), Dick Templeton (at large), David Nokes (at large), Fred Cummings (alternate), Joanne Jensen (alternate), Sue Roethel (secretary)

Solo Events Board: Tina Reeves (Chair), Steve Wynveen, Donnie Barnes, Erik Strelnieks, Bryan Nemy, Iain Mannix, Dave Feighner

Divisional Solo Stewards: Todd Farris (SW), Robert Lewis (SE), Sam Karp (CE), Glenn Deunsing (SP), Keith Brown (NP), David Newman (NE), Lindsay Wilson (RM), Donna Hill (MW), Marlene Obenour/Velma Boreen (GL)

Solo Safety Committee: Kathy Barnes (Chair), John Lieberman, Arouch Poonsapaya, Brian Robertson, Cal Craner, Jan Rick

RoadRally Board: Rick Beattie (Chair), Lois Van Vleet, Jeanne English, Kevin Poirier, James Wakemen Jr., Sasha Lanz

Divisional RoadRally Stewards: Bob Ricker (SE), Larry Scholnick (SP), Mike Bennett (GL/CE), Ted Goddard (NE), Rich Bireta (MW), Monte Saager (NP), Sasha Lanz (SW)

RoadRally Rules Committee: Jim Wakeman Jr. (Chair), Mike Thompson, Jim Friedman, W. David Teter, J. Toney, Dave Kolb

Divisional RallyCross Stewards: Richard Miller (SW), Z.B. Lorenc (GL), Brent Carlson (CE), Jerry Doctor (MW), Scott Beliveau (NE), Ben Bradley (NP), Karl Sealander (RM), David Brooks (SE), Jayson Woodruff (SP)

RallyCross Board: Mark Walker (Chairman), Tom Nelson, Mark Utecht, Jayson Woodruff, John Barnett, Matt Nichols

"Each year individuals vacate seats on our various boards and committees and we thank them all for their service and dedication," SCCA President & CEO Jim Julow said. "We would like to recognize two individuals in particular, Jan Rick and Dave Whitworth, who were asked to step down from their positions on major program boards when their company, SPS, became SCCA's official merchandising partner."

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