Series unlocks car numbers

Auto GP unlocks number allocation for 2011

Already the first European series to put a huge prize money up for grabs, Auto GP keeps blowing an innovative stream on continental motorsport.

For the 2011 season, the Series Organizer has decided to "unlock" the number allocation process, allowing the teams to choose which race numbers they will be using.

Both single and double digit numbers will be allowed and with no obligation to choose consecutive solutions, meaning that the teams will enjoy a great amount of freedom in their decisions.

The only limit will concern numbers 1 and 01 (and those immediately following) that will be reserved to DAMS as 2010 teams and drivers champions. Obviously, the French team will have the possibility to choose a different solution like all the others.

Here is how Enzo Coloni, the series organizer, explains this decision: "We looked at what's happening in Moto GP and Nascar, where drivers and teams have always been free to choose their race numbers. The outcome of that is that competitors are often identified with their number, something that clearly helps them being closer to fans and sponsors.

Just think about Valentino Rossi, everybody identifies him as the `yellow 46' and he keeps that even after his world title wins; or look at the USA where everybody knows that 43 means Richard Petty, a Nascar Legend.

We want to give our drivers and teams the same opportunity, and we where happy to see that our idea was accepted with great enthusiasm".

-source: autogp

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