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Brno, Zele-Racing: Tuka Rocha is "man of the race" "I had the best race of my life! The set-up of the car was good and I could have finished in the top four, if it would not have started to rain", says the man of the race in Brno - Tuka ...

Brno, Zele-Racing: Tuka Rocha is "man of the race"

"I had the best race of my life! The set-up of the car was good and I could have finished in the top four, if it would not have started to rain", says the man of the race in Brno - Tuka Rocha.

His team mate Sven Heidfeld is a little bit disappointed: "I had a very good start, but then I had understeer and from that time on it was not possible to fight for a better position anymore. I am sure, that I could have finished the race on fifth place. Of course I am not happy, but to think about the fact, that we hadn't had the possibility to test the car before and that this was our first race, I am satisfied with the result."

Zele-Racing team principal Michael Zele: "Sven's and Tuka's performance was impressive. To start from the 17th and last position and finish in sixth, is just great!"

Race report:

The 21-year-old Brasilian Tuka Rocha is the man, who ensured an extremely exciting first race of the Superfund-Euro-3000-Championship. He and his team mate, the 26-year-old German Sven Heidfeld built the duo, to whom the viewers and the cameras of the German TV station DSF dedicated their major attention.

Tuka Rocha overtakes already in the first lap five opponents and competes in position 12. At the start in front of everybody else also shines his team mate Sven Heidfeld. From the fourth row of the starting grid he gains two positions and pushes forward to ninth place. During the fourth lap, Graves retires after a spin off.

Khodair follows in seventh lap and the tension in the field mounts. Lauda attacks Sven Heidfeld from lap to lap. Meanwhile Tuka Rocha overtakes the Italian Ippoliti and shows up behind his team mate Sven Heidfeld, who has to give up his sixth position in the fight with Lauda. The Zele-Racing team holds on for a moment - now the team mates are fighting against each other.

Tuka shows his potential, sets with 1'53.597 the fastest lap time (Info: fastest lap time of the race: Del Monte with 1'51.195) and leaves Sven behind. Six laps before the end the race Tuka overtakes Lauda. At the passing manoeuvre the race cars are in contact and Lauda has to retire. His right front tyre is damaged.

Tuka is in the points! The Zele-Racing team observes the race with mixed emotions, because Sven doesn't make satisfying lap times. Tuka gropes for overtaking the Italian Babalus, as it starts to rain. In the 25th lap the result is settled.

With his sixth place Tuka Rocha scores one piont for the Austrian based Zele-Racing team. Sven Heidfeld can keep the eight position.

Facts about the Qualifying:

Qualifying in Brno: Tuka starts from last place ::.

At the technical control, which was made after the qualifying, the technical commission and the scrutineers decided, that the weight limit of 650kg fell below by 3kg.

Team principal Michael Zele: "I am very disappointed, but I have to accept the decision. On the other hand I am happy, that we are competing in a league, where the rules are strictly followed. For tomorrow's race I hope, that we will show a good performance. Tuka is on the right way."

Before the technical control: Rocha sixth, Heidfeld ninth

"A satisfying result. We had our first roll out yesterday. The basic set-up was good already at the start and this shows, that our engineer Harvey Spencer really makes a great job", says Zele-Racing team principal Michael Zele.

Rocha and Heidfeld brought in a reasonable result. Tuka Rocha finished in sixth position, his team mate Sven Heidfeld in ninth. "More could have been possible. For sure a place in the top 6. But we had our first practice yesterday and considering this, I am pleased", remarks the german race driver Heidfeld.

<pre> Results of the Qualifying: 1. Del Monte 1'49.061 2. Siedler 1'50.179 3. Pastorelli 1'50.193 4. Reid 1'50.720 5. Auinger 1'50.850 6. Tuka Rocha 1'50.991 7. Babalus 1'51.192 8. Lauda 1'51.437 9. Sven Heidfeld 1'51.615 10. Ippoliti 1'51.652 11. Khodair 1'51.653 12. Hodencq 1'51.706 13. Graves 1'51.958 14. Deman 1'52.479 15. Ricci 1'52.495 16. Kostka 1'53.275 17. Bisconcini 1'54.144


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