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Champions 2004 !!! The season ended in the best possible way : Nicky Pastorelli is the Champion 2004 of Superfund-Euro3000 Series! A well-deserved victory, that Draco J.Team longed. The Team worked hard, aiming high, in the hard ...

Champions 2004 !!!

The season ended in the best possible way : Nicky Pastorelli is the Champion 2004 of Superfund-Euro3000 Series! A well-deserved victory, that Draco J.Team longed. The Team worked hard, aiming high, in the hard moments too. A title gained thanks to the staff's complete dedication, and now everybody celebrates this success with great satisfaction.

Nicky Pastorelli , Champion 2004:

"I'm still excited, but happy for this title! We worked hard to the end, we never gave up. The Team always supported me, professionally and psychologically. We did our best, and now I'm proud. I had opponents worthy of this name, it has been a hard challenge, but always fair. Adriano and Nadia trusted me, and I'll thank them. I have seen the work's dedication, the big willpower, not to yield to the problems: I'm sure this example will help me in the future. Now, I enjoy my success, I'm so happy!"

Fausto Ippoliti:

"An unforgettable week-end, of course! First of all, my first podium, though the new track (for me!) and the terrible weather. It's the fair end, I'll never forget this season : working one year with Draco has been an important and instructive experience, from every point of view. I thank all the staff, mechanics and engineers, who worked hard with big professionalism. I thank Nadia and Adriano, who welcomed me like a son : they taught me much."

Adriano Morini , Team Owner:

"I'm very Happy, with the capital H, to have won with a unknown driver as for the results in previous championships. Nobody thought we could have arrived up to here, when we have chosen Pastorelli. Nadia and me knew well that we had to make a double work : to construct a driver from the technical and imagine point of view. In my opinion, there was the raw material, but maybe the others didn't see it. The result is clear. Now it's easy to say that yesterday has been a lucky day for Pastorelli. It's difficult to remember Zolder, when he had victory within one's grasp .and other problems which the organizers know well.but it's no use saying these things. I want say also that during the season Nicky Pastorelli was always in the first rows and almost always on podium. He was the most steady and professional drivers of the championship. He deserves the win with all the honours. I want thank my Team, all the guys, and our Sponsors, who support us. We hope never disappoint you."

Nadia Morini , Financial Director:

"I'm happy, of course. A good work. The perfect achievement after a year passed with tenaciousness, pluck and wish to win. A year of sacrifice, making everyday our best. Two guys to raise, as drivers and men. I think having a good work. The last podium proves it. My guys are now two professional men, determined and cold in the races, humble and helpful out the car. They are ready to continue the career. When we chose Pastorelli, he was a unknown driver, but now he's a star, and he deserves this success, because he's matured constantly. He sacrificed himself, he accepted telling-off and praises. He integrated into our group and now he's one of the Draco family. With Morini we made also a - investor search - work for Pastorelli. His Dutch Sponsors have believed in Draco and in Morini's skill as a Talent Scout, they accepted the risk, investing in the Pastorelli's career. We didn't disappointed them. As for Fausto Ippoliti, I have to say the same : Draco has been a school, of life and driver, he's making giant strides. Yesterday he made a fantastic race. I want say that, in Draco, everybody has made an excellent work. I thank my Sport Director Manfredi, who dedicated all his time to the Team, with big professionalism; my Engineers Tesi and Pirovano, always up to the task; my painstaking Mechanics, who do their best every day; the Guys who drive the truck to the circuit : this truck is our life; our Logistic Manager Silvana Segreti, who works Sunday too, to meet the Team's needs; our collaborators, always active with phone and e-mail, Vera Carimati, who writes our press- releases and informs everybody on-line; the Marketing Manager G.Biancalana, who joined Draco for the last races with team spirit.

I thank our Sponsors, who support us with esteem and friendship; our fans, who send us hundred of e-mail (by the way, we are thinking a Fans Club Draco..); the journalists, who give space to Draco in the magazines and web- sites.

I thank my drivers, of the present and of the past, who gave and give me much."

Manfredi Ravetto , Sport Director:

"We are very happy, we won deservedly: I have to say that Nicky has been the most steady and mature to be champion. He gained points every race, except for Zolder, because of the accident. I think is a good visiting card in view of his planned tests."

Andrea Tesi , Ing.Macchina Pastorelli:

"I'm very satisfied, we are champions of a high level championship. Good Pastorelli : during the last race, there was 3 restarts, he never made a mistake. Cold and quiet, he won the race, against a tough Loyd. With Del Monte in the last row, I was optimist, but, you know, during a race everything can happen."

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