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Post Qualifying Quotes from Vancouver ...

Post Qualifying Quotes from Vancouver

#19 MEMO GIDLEY (Lynx Racing) "I'm very happy, obviously, that my time from yesterday held up for the pole. The track, in final qualifying was a little more slippery, possibly from temperature or from not having fresh Indy car rubber down. As the season goes on, the quality of the team has really made me raise my game. They were at the track until 3:00 a.m. last night working on my car and I need to pay them back with my very best effort. I feel really comfortable in the car, and comfortable in using all the road. This is one of the toughest tracks to drive because even the slightest mistake can really put you behind. But the team has really jelled and everything is spot-on every time we go out. I'm looking forward to the race." (Peter Frey)

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#3 MICHAEL DAVID (PDR Enterprises-Water Joe/David Engineering & Mfg.) "It didn't go like we had hoped. The car feels pretty good, but I'm not feeling to good. I've got a bit of a cold and I'm trying to deal with that and just hanging in there and doing the best we can. I'm going to get some rest and hopefully be better when the race comes around."

* * * #4 ANTHONY LAZZARO (Phillips Motorsports-Water Joe/David Engineering & Mfg.) "We changed the set up a little bit from yesterday. I had a problem with the brakes yesterday and ended up hitting the tire wall in the chicane. We continued to have brake problems this morning. The set up changes we made weren't really that efficient and unfortunately we're still about a second off."

* * *

#85 STEVE KNAPP (P1 Racing-NTN Bearings/Miller Milling) "When I took my sabbatical from racing, I ran out of money options and help, so I started an engine business. A fellow by the name of John Miller was an engine customer of mine. He knew I'd been racing previously, so I ended up doing some testing for him. He asked me: 'Why aren't you racing?' And I answered: 'Well, to start with, I have no money." So, he told me that anytime I wanted to start racing again, to just say the word, and we'd go and do it. At that time in my business I wasn't ready to go. It was tough to decide to throw everything I'd worked for in the last four years and get back on the racing wagon. I figured at my age, another year working wasn't going to kill me, so Mr. Miller paid for my two-litre program last year, and we won the championship. He wanted to do Atlantic this year, so we put together the best deal we could with the money we had and with the help of Bill Fickling and P1 Racing.

"I've always wanted to do the Indy 500. It's been a long time goal since I was a kid. I know that CART and IRL are separate, and I know everyone has their own opinion, but it has definitely opened a door for me to go there, and we're concentrating on that very hard for next year. We'll concentrate on the Indy 500, and if that goes well, we'll try and put something together for the mile-and-a-half races. If an opportunity in CART PPG came along, I'd jump on it, but I'd still do everything I could to do the Indy 500."

* * *

#29 CASE MONTGOMERY (Binder Racing-Microsoft/Wall Data/Compaq/Tandem) (He reports that the left thumb he dislocated in Mid-Ohio is nearly healed, but he went into today's final qualifying with a painful stiff neck) "I felt a little pain when I got out of the car yesterday afternoon. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't even move it. It took me five minutes to get out of bed. Maybe I should have just stayed there! This morning's session added frustration to injury - I had a lot of trouble with traffic at the end of the session." (Pam Morey) * * *

#97 BILL TICHENOR (World Speed Motorsports-Heftel Broadcasting-Comp USA) "I had a lot of wheel spin early on and then developed a bit of a push. I feel more comfortable, but we weren't any faster. The traffic was heavy - there were a lot of 4-5 car groups going at it, so it was hard to get a clear lap." (Pam Morey) * * * #10 MARK TAGUE (World Speed Motorsports-Altec/Liaison software Co.) "That was a really good session for us. We took a second off our best time from yesterday. We went out on new tires, and those, along with the changes we made helped us out. Plus, knowing the track a little better was good!" (Pam Morey)

* * * #35 DAVID POOK (B.D.J.S.-HYPE Energy Drink/Budweiser/BG Products) "We made some aerodynamic changes and adjustments and found a little more towards the end. The car feels great. I'm so proud of the team; they stayed up last night until almost one a.m. changing the motor. We had low oil pressure during yesterday's qualifying session, so as a precautionary measure, they changed the engine. I'm really happy with being faster this morning. It's a tough place to pass, so the race should be a challenge." (Sabina Clemens)

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